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  • Fiber Friendship
  • Knitting inspiration
  • Knitting education
  • Knitting community

You're in the right place!

The Snickerdoodle Knits Community is for the introvert knitter seeking friendship, a sense of belonging, and improved knitting skills.

You like to scroll through Instagram and Pinterest, looking at all the beautiful knits and yarns. You're inspired, and you find your next pattern to knit. But there's also some other feelings that creep up. 

 --> Loneliness -- and longing for a fiber friend, or better yet a group of fiber friends. But they need to be real, authentic friendships. Nothing fake or surafce-level.

 --> FOMO (Fear of missing out) as you see everyone knitting the recently trending pattern or attending the latest fiber festival.

 --> Comparisonitis -- getting stuck in the trap of thinking:


  • "She's so much better than me - I'll never be able to do that."


  • "It's not fair -- she can afford all of the luxury yarns, and I'm stuck with this."

  • "Her photos on Instagram are soooo pretty. I try to take amazing photos, and they're never Instagram-worthy."

And all of those feelings are putting a damper on your knitting joy. 

Woman Knitting

It's time to stop dwelling in your feelings of embarrassment, loneliness, and thinking you're "less than." 

You are worthy. You are enough. You deserve happiness. And you deserve to have joy in your knitting.

But how do you overcome it?


I invite you to join the Snickerdoodle Knits Community.


I won't promise to magically fix your emotional trauma - there's a lot to unpack and work on. I'm still working on these things myself.

But I will promise you a warm, welcoming knitting community that encourages you to be your best self, to love your knitting, to value your accomplishments, and to recognize your improvements.

Jessica Brist Snickerdoodle Knits Knitwe


I'm Jessica, the knitting designer and teacher behind Snickerdoodle Knits. I design knitting patterns that walk you through your knits with confidence + pride, and I've created this community to support you even further. 

But it's not just about me! It's also about the friendships that you will build with fellow knitters. Because that's one thing we're all looking for: connection + community, and what better people to connect with than those who share the same passion for knitting?

Within the Snickerdoodle Knits Community, you will find fellow knitters struggling with the same feelings. We're all human after all. 

To help you make genuine + authentic connections with your fellow knitters, you will find: 


--> chat threads that make it easy to talk all about the yarn topics you love

--> pen pal swaps that introduce you to new fiber friends


--> knit nights that allow you to communicate with and see fellow knitters in real-time

--> knit-a-longs that make it easy to chat with fellow knitters while working toward a shared goal

Whatever your background, whatever yarn budget, whatever your knitting level, you are welcome in the Snickerdoodle Knits Community. With big, yarn hugs.

This is your place to belong.

But that's not all. The community aspect, of course, is a big part of the Snickerdoodle Knits Community. But you're also looking for knitting help, and you'll find that inside the community too!

If you had to put a label to your skill level, you'd call yourself an Advanced Beginner. You're feeling confident in the basics of knitting, but you know there's still a whole world of knitting out there waiting for you to discover. 


And this scene is all too familiar: You get frustrated when you make a mistake and can't figure out what's gone wrong. So, the project gets thrown aside to suffer its punishment in timeout. Who knows if it will ever come out.


   What if you had a community...


--> where you could ask for help?

--> where you could share what it is that you can't figure out, and fellow knitters would understand?

--> where other knitters would encourage you and help you overcome your mental blocks?

--> where there were knitters that could help you with any techniques you can't figure out? 

Imagine that feeling of support, empowerment, and confidence.

Wool Yarns

No more feeling defeated by your knitting projects.


No more "I can never do this."


And definitely no more "I'm a failure at knitting."

The community is also available for the simple struggles of everyday knitting.


Can't decide what pattern to knit next?

Not sure what yarn to use for that project?

The Community is here to help with that too!

What Members Are Saying...

"I am here to help a growing knit designer do her thing. 🧡 Getting a knitting community in return is a big bonus." - Steph

What's Included in the Community?

General Membership (free)

Access to the general community forum threads including:
  • general knit-a-longs (specific to Snickerdoodle Knits patterns)​
  • a quarterly pen pal swap with fellow fiber enthusiasts
  • chats specific to Snickerdoodle Knits patterns (including pattern support)
  • a general chat for knitting content

Tier One ($6/month or $66/year*)

Everything from the General Membership plus:
  • 50% off one knitting pattern per month
  • access to knit-a-longs exclusive to paying members
  • Monthly Snickerdoodle Knits updates accessed via the community forum
*This tier includes a special bonus! Get one month free when you join the annual plan. 

Tier Two ($17.50/month or $175/year*)

Everything from Tier Two plus:
  • Six knitting mini-courses per year
  • Six Knit Night Zoom calls per year
  • Knitting help via a chat thread
  • One free knitting pattern per month
  • Snickerdoodle Knits behind-the-scenes
  • Participation in community design projects
  • Early access to knitting patterns (when applicable)
  • Access to the Safe Space chat thread dedicated to affirmations + support
  • Tips and tutorials for navigating pattern platforms (Ravelry, LoveCrafts, and Ribblr)
*This tier includes special bonuses! Get two months free plus an additional mini-course (in December) when you join the annual plan. This is also a special founding member's price. The price will increase, at which time the annual plan will only include one month free instead of two.
Knitting Mini-Courses
There will be six mini-courses throughout the year, one every other month. (The knit nights will be held on the alternate months.) Annual paying members will receive an additional mini-course in December. The tentative mini-course schedule for 2021 is as follows, but is subject to change based on community interest.
  • Gauge: How To Find It, What It Is, Why It Is Important, What to Do With It, and How to Make Adjustments Accordingly
    • Bonus: Swatching & Blocking​
  • Cast On Methods: A Comparison & When to Use Each
  • How to Read Your Knitting
  • How To Fix Mistakes In Your Knitting
  • Colorwork Methods
  • Brioche
  • Bonus for Annual Members - Double Knitting
Mini-courses for 2022 will tentatively cover topics such as steeking and short rows. Mini-courses will be exclusive to the Snickerdoodle Knits community and will not be available for individual purchase for at least 6 months.
Image by Jean-Marc Vieregge
Exclusive Knit-A-Longs (KALs)
There will be four exclusive knit-a-longs per year, typically three months each. They will be focused around a type of knitting (by category or technique). The knit-a-longs planned for 2021 are below, although I am open to community suggestions as well. The knit-a-longs will vary by year.
These knit-a-longs will be easy going and are primarily focused on encouraging you to knit something you're not used to knitting or learning a new technique. It is also a fun opportunity to work on a similar project as fellow knitters and to share progress and ask questions. These KALs are not exclusive to Snickerdoodle Knits patterns, but I will provide a 15% off discount for all of my patterns that fall within the theme. There may or may not be prizes for each KAL.
  • February - April: hats and mittens
  • May - July: light, summery knits
  • August - September: shawls
  • October - December: sweaters
Image by rocknwool
Community Design Projects
The community design projects will be a fun activity where I will provide a poll for multiple options through each step of the design process, so you will choose exactly what a Snickerdoodle Knits design looks like! The decisions may include: yarn weight, what the item is (i.e. hat, shawl, cowl), how many colors, what textures to include (i.e. cables, lace), and more! There will typically be one community design project per year, but this will depend on community membership and membership interest. It may also be possible that we won't be able to fit one in for 2021, so we may have two for 2022. If you join the community and this is something you really want to see in 2021, please let me know! 
Safe Space Chat Thread
The Safe Space Chat Thread is where I'm hanging out specifically to encourage you. When you're having a rough day, it's where you go to be reminded that you are valuable and worthy. When you need a cheerleader, it's where you go to share what you're struggling with. When you've had an accomplishment, it's where you go to share it with pride.
This is the space where you are:
  • Inspired to try new things you've felt scared about.

  • Shown your worth and the value of your creative self.

  • Given permission to be your full self. 

  • Inspired to reconnect with the things that bring you joy, peace, and relaxation.

  • Encouraged to practice self-care and healthy mental health practices.

  • Wrapped in virtual hugs of comfort and love.

Alright, it's time for a heart-to-heart chat.

You struggle to make time for yourself. You feel guilty putting time, effort, and money toward your own enjoyment.

You feel like you need to constantly be serving others, so you don't take time to serve yourself.

In the Community, I give you the permission you won't give yourself.

  • I give you permission to feel the things, but I also give you permission to leave those feelings behind you so you can live a life of joy.

  • I give you permission to decide you don't love your knitting project - and to abandon it without guilt.

  • I give you permission to take your time with your knitting - you don't have to keep up with everyone else.

  • I give you permission to put some time aside for you -- whether that's with your knitting, in a warm bath, or some time alone in nature.

  • I encourage you to find the things that rejuvenate you -- and to spend your time doing those things.

You're desperate for something calming. You're caught up in all of the things you have to do all day long - for work, for your family. You're overwhelmed, feeling like you don't have time to care for yourself.

But I give you the permission to take some time for yourself. To take the walk in nature to feel calmed. To spend the evening knitting for yourself. To pick up the book, allow yourself to be immersed in the plot, and to read it all the way through. To do the things that spark your joy and make you feel fulfilled.

So what's holding you back?

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