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Fiber Friends Group & the Pen Pal Swap

Have You Heard About the Fiber Friends Group & the Pen Pal Swap?

Fiber Friends Group all started with a series of stories on Instagram in February. Promised Fibers asked a simple question: "What makes you feel excluded from the fiber arts community?" There were many answers, but there was one that really sunk in. The answer that really resonated with me was this: "Seeing ppl getting together in person (like at festival), building real friendships thru knitting." As I saw more and more similar responses, each expressing how they felt left out of the relationship side of knitting, I thought, "Someone needs to create a way for us to make real friendships. Something that is more than a "like" button and a comment relating to a pretty picture; even something more than reassurances or condolences on a moving story. Something that allows for real friendships to start, to be fostered, and to blossom and bloom." I then realized that I could create this much needed space for friendship. So, in February the Fiber Friends Group was created.

What Happens in the Fiber Friends Group?

As much or as little as its members want!

Fiber Friends Group is a free-to-join, open, public website with a forum for meeting and chatting with other fiber enthusiasts around the world. A great place to start is in the introductions thread!

I also host a quarterly Fiber Friends Pen Pal Swap where I match up everyone who signs up with a fellow fiber enthusiast. All that is required is that you write a letter to your new fiber friend!

Sign-Ups for the July 2020 Pen Pal Swap Close Today!

Does this sound like your jam? Would you like to try out the Pen Pal Swap? The deadline to join the second Pen Pal Swap is today (June 30th)! Learn more about the swap and sign up here for free!

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