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Going to the Mountains Poncho: Design Inspiration

Cozy, snuggly, fun, and simple. The Going to the Mountains Poncho is a fun, simplistic knit that creates the coziest, snuggliest winter accessory. It’s basically a perfect-fitting blanket available in five sizes. This is one of five knitting patterns in the “My Forever Home” Collection of knitting patterns, inspired by my home state: Montana.

If you’ve ever been to the Rocky Mountains, this scene might sound familiar:

After driving for hours on end with the kids going through just about every emotion possible: screaming, crying, laughing, sleeping, hungry, giggling, and more, you’ve finally arrived. You park the car in a small parking lot, follow a little dirt trail up to an opening, and you stand in awe.

It was worth it. It was all worth it – all of the family road trip chaos. Here you stand at the edge of a lake, surrounded by a forest of evergreen trees, and your gaze goes up. You can’t believe how tall the mountain peaks are. Yes, you’ve seen them before, but somehow their magnificence always fades in your memories. But here you are again, at Glacier National Park. Every time you come to visit, you feel the same majestic, inspiring, calming, and humbling emotions rush over you, all at the same time.

Inspired by the steep Rocky Mountain ridges of Montana, this poncho includes mountain, snow, and dirt trail motifs. I designed the poncho using Big Sky Yarn Co’s Squish DK yarn in Hayride, a cream base with blues, greens, and browns (representing a mixture of snow, grass, and trees on the mountains); and Hayride, a rich brown color (representing the dirt trails).

I created a stitch motif using slipped cross stitches to form the mountains, but to get up to the mountains and to leave the mountains (at the top and bottom of the poncho), you knit your way through falling snow and dirt trails (created with colorwork motifs).

The poncho looks great in most solid, tonal, and variegated yarns. Looking for some yarn and color suggestions for your Going to the Mountains Poncho? Check out this blog post.

Learn more about the pattern, and get the links to purchase the pattern here.


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