Knitting the New Year with the Guiding Principles Shawl Collection

Snickerdoodle Knits' Guiding Principles Collection was released a year ago, for New Years 2020. I designed this collection of four shawl knitting patterns to represent traits and characters that are needed for a "successful" year, or a year where we work toward our goals and experience personal growth.

The four characteristics that I used as the guiding principles were Hope, Endurance, Patience, and Trust. I choose these four, believing that each would help us achieve the goals that we set for the new year if we are faithful in implementing the four traits.

With it being another new year, it only seemed fitting to share this collection, which is very special to me (as I shared in my Instagram post here), again to kick off 2021.

The shawls within the collection are available for purchase on Ravelry, LoveCrafts, and Payhip. You will automatically receive 15% off your patterns when you purchase the full collection on Ravelry or Payhip. (The first three links will direct you to my knitting pattern shop on the respective platform; the last two links will bring you directly to the collection on the respective platform.)

Now, let's get into each shawl, shall we?

Hope Shawl

At the beginning of a new year, sentiments of hope and opportunity are abounding and overwhelming, manifesting emotions of optimism and enthusiasm. In the midst of this excitement, dreams are created, resolutions are declared, and goals are set. As days pass, hope fades and discouragement settles, hindering the prospect of achievement. To obtain our goals, we must daily foster our hope for the future.

The Hope Shawl captures the essence of hope: its lively but calming, uplifting and freeing characteristics. This design is comprised of open, simple textures that are a joy to knit. I used a beautiful and lively mutli-color yarn to emphasize the lightweight, cheerful characteristics of hope.

When you grow weary of long days and short-comings, let the Hope Shawl remind you of what gives you hope and fills you with enthusiasm.

This pattern includes both written and charted instructions in the same PDF, but the instructions are separated so you only have to print what you need. This design was created as a collaboration with Six and Seven Fiber. I used 2 skeins of her Morning Glory colorway on her Barley base.

For color inspiration & suggestions as well as alternative & affordable yarn recommendations, check out “Hope Shawl: Color Inspiration.”