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Pattern Re-Releases: What Do They Include?

I've spent lots of time improving all of my knitting patterns this year, and I'm finally starting to roll out the re-releases!

So, what changes are happening in the re-releases?

Charted Instructions: All of my patterns (except the Endurance Shawl, because the design is simple enough that the charts seemed a bit over the top) now include charted instructions!

Tutorials: I now link any technique that I think might be new to you in the pattern. Many of these are tutorials that I recorded (hence the YouTube channel!), and some of them are tutorials that I have found on YouTube as helpful resources. The addition of the tutorials helps me to walk you through the pattern with all of the tools that you need to successfully complete the project.

Tech Editing: I finally made the leap to hire a tech editor to edit each of my patterns. My biggest goal with Snickerdoodle Knits is to create clear patterns that walk you through the pattern with confidence. Hiring tech editing services has allowed me to deliver my patterns to you with full confidence that the pattern is of a professional quality and will walk you through the knitting process step-by-step.

Pattern Layout: I am so excited about the new pattern layout that I will be using for all of my patterns for the foreseeable future! The aesthetic of the pattern is more pleasing and reflects my style, and my goals for my patters, so much better.

Each pattern now begins with a full-page photo showing the design, with the pattern name, links to my online presence, hashtags to use when you're sharing your work, and an indication of whether that particular pattern PDF contains the written or charted instructions, or both.

The second page (sometimes combined with the third page) contains another full-page image to show you a little more detail of the design, tells a little about the story behind the design, gives any information about the sample sizing, provides the links to blog posts and videos about the pattern, and shares any additional information that I think will be helpful in clarifying the pattern for you (i.e. recommended ease, what the sizing measurements refer to, etc.).

The third page includes another photo of the design, plus the abbreviations, gauge, sizing information, and yarn/tool requirements. The majority of the tutorials that I link in a pattern are linked in the abbreviations section, but there will occasionally be a technique, such as a specific cast on or bind off, that will be linked within the pattern.

Finally, the pattern starts on page four. It might seem excessive to have three full pages before the pattern actually starts, but I want to ensure that my patterns are as clear and easy to follow as possible, so I think these additional pages are well worth the space they take up. You will know exactly where the information that you need is, and you will feel confident that you have all of the information you need to start the pattern.

Re-Test Knitting: As a result of the edits that I made to the pattern -- in most cases primarily in the layout -- I ran all of my patterns through another round of test knits. Just to make sure that everything made sense and worked well for a variety of knitters!

I am so excited about all of these updates to all of my patterns, and I hope you are excited as well! If you've purchased any of my patterns on Ravelry in the past, you will automatically receive the pattern update on Ravelry. If there's a pattern you've been eyeing, use the coupon code RERELEASE and you will receive 10% off your entire purchase of single patterns (excludes collections) from my Ravelry shop, available through September 30!


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