As a knitting pattern designer and coach, I connect designers of varying experience levels with the knowledge and support they need to create, sell, and profit from their patterns, giving them confidence to successfully achieve their goals.
Gratitude Shawl Knitting Pattern by Snic
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The Snickerdoodle Knits Blog

Hello! I am Jessica Brist, the knitting pattern designer and coach behind Snickerdoodle Knits.

I love to solve problems, from transforming an idea into a design to helping fellow pattern designers build their knitting or crochet business. My approach is always deeper than surface level; I believe intentionality and connection are vital to running a successful business you love.

What Knitters Are Saying...

"Cute, stylish, natural, easy to mix and match" - Tiina
"I loved it! Very easy to follow and turned out so pretty" - Trust Shawl test knitter
"love the pattern and will definitely knit again!" - Love Yourself Shawl test knitter
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