As a knitting pattern designer and coach, I connect designers of varying experience levels with the knowledge and support they need to create, sell, and profit from their patterns, giving them confidence to successfully achieve their goals.
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With each knitting pattern, you receive:

  • Linked knitting tutorials

  • Written and charted instructions

  • Clear, easy to follow knitting instructions

  • A design that has been test knit & tech edited

  • Alternative yarn options (in a linked blog post)

Take the frustration & confusion out of your knitting.


The Snickerdoodle Knits Blog

Hello! I am Jessica Brist; knitter, designer, and teacher behind Snickerdoodle Knits.

I am passionate about knitwear design -- but the creative aspect and the technical & mathematical side. An engineering graduate turned knitwear designer, I specialize in writing detailed patterns that walk you through your knitting with confidence. 

What Knitters Are Saying...

"Cute, stylish, natural, easy to mix and match" - Tiina
"I loved it! Very easy to follow and turned out so pretty" - Trust Shawl test knitter
"love the pattern and will definitely knit again!" - Love Yourself Shawl test knitter
Find more testimonials like this on every pattern page.
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