specifics + the background stories behind them

All of my patterns are available for purchase and download on Ravelry, PatternVine, and LoveCrafts Knitting


What I provide for each of my patterns:

  • A blog post outlining the design inspiration for and any important characteristics in the design.

  • A blog post outlining some of my color recommendations as well as alternate yarn suggestions.

Within the pattern itself, you will find:

  • A summary of the design, recommended gauge, required materials, and list of abbreviations.

  • Written instructions for the pattern.  (I am still learning how to chart.)

  • Linked YouTube tutorials for important techniques within the pattern. (As of spring 2020, many of these tutorials will be recorded by me.)

  • Instructions for how to contact me for pattern support.

You can find each pattern on:


  • Ravelry

  • PatternVine

  • LoveCrafts

If you're interested in seeing multiple versions and interpretations of the pattern, I highly recommend you check out the projects linked to my pattern on Ravelry.  (I also encourage you to also upload your project and link your project to the pattern for the sake of other knitters!)  Also note: Ravelry automatically sends any pattern updates (i.e. linked YouTube tutorials, added charts, etc) to you, you can follow any comments on the pattern on Ravelry, and Ravelry allows me to provide the most amount of details for the pattern.  In short, you will receive the most thorough experience if you purchase the pattern through Ravelry.

Click on the image to download/purchase the pattern on Ravelry. Click on the barrows to navigate through patterns.



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