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for the knitter + aspiring knitter

I provide beginner friendly knitting technique videos on YouTube.

Needing a bit more guidance in your knitting journey? 

It's not an easy task learning how to knit. Many times it's downright frustrating and attacks your self esteem.


I've heard many women say "Oh, I tried once, and it was a complete failure. I will never be able to knit." And to that I respond, "It's not a skill that is picked up immediately. I learned 3 or 4 different times -- and had multiple tear-my-hair-out experiences in that time -- before I really grew to love knitting.

But that doesn't have to be your story. You can learn to knit. And it doesn't have to include tears and frustration. But what you need is some guidance and some encouragement. 

A path to tell you what the natural next step is and exactly how to get there.

If you're like many knitters, this is what you've done in the past: you found a pattern that you adored for your first pattern, used YouTube to learn what the stitches were in the pattern, and then got frustrated because it was hard to learn.

What if I told you there is another way? What if you could learn the technique -- and the importance of the technique -- before applying it to the pattern? What if you could learn in a natural sequence so you only had to learn one or new techniques at a time?

You will learn this and so much more in the Learn How to Knit Course coming in 2021 or 2022. Click the link for more info closer to the course release!

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