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You're excited to grown your knitwear design business, but you're not sure what the next step is, or how to get there.

I'm here to walk you through every step in a way that's customized to your needs and style.
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1-on-1 design coaching for the indie knitting pattern designer that's feeling lost and overwhelmed in the business, marketing, or designing.


You love the idea of designing and publishing knitting patterns. You're comfortable with knitting and you have some design ideas, but you're just not quite sure how to make it work. You feel like you're walking blindly through the dark, and you need someone to guide you through the process so you can feel confident and motivated in your process.

Do you question every decision you're making for your design, wondering if you're doing it right?

Are you feeling overwhelmed by everything you need to do, and you're not sure where to start?

Do you need just a little bit of guidance to assure you that you're on the right path?

You're not alone. Just a few years ago, I was there too. When I began designing my own patterns, everything I knew about the knitting community came from a couple of YouTube podcasts that I watched. I'd never met a designer before, I was brand-new to the online knitting community, and I didn't have knitting business friends to go to for advice. 

It's not easy to start out as a knitting pattern designer, especially if you don't already have connections within the industry. It's hard to find the resources you need, or the right person to ask questions of. There are hundreds of marketing strategists and business coaches, but they just can't help with the "knitty gritty" of designing knitting patterns.

And that's why I am here, offering you guidance to make your journey easier. To show you the path, and to help you customize the path to what works best for you.

"[My expectations] were met and then some. [I most enjoyed] the way you explain things and are so organized and listen to me. I am very pleased. Yes [I recommend your design coaching]! You are so nice and helpful."
- New Knitwear Designer

1-on-1 Design Coaching

When you book a design coaching call with me, I make the experience completely catered to you and how you learn best, making sure to address all of your questions, and giving you the flexibility to create your designs in the way that you are most comfortable with. 


The beauty of working 1-on-1 is truly the customization aspect. Whether you're struggling with finding inspiration, manipulating the math for multiple sizes, or getting your work out into the world, I walk through the process with you. Not only does this mean you get all of your questions answered, it also means that you don't have to listen to your coach tell you everything you already know. We only talk about what you need, and I don't waste your time.

And as my clients like to say, I'm your


here for you each step of your journey.

I help with most everything business and marketing related, and anything intermediate design level and below.

Here are a few examples of how I help new designers:

* Discover new sources of inspiration for your designs

* Develop a design process that works best for you

* Learn how to move from inspiration to design elements

* Discover resources that will make your design and pattern writing processes easier

* Learn how to use your gauge and sizing to do the math for your pattern

* Understand the roles that tech editing and test knitting play in your design process

* Begin a marketing strategy for launching your design


And a few examples of how I help experienced designers:

* Uncover why their business feels misaligned

* Discover a marketing strategy that feels authentic and aligned

* Learn how to create an aligned business that feels good

* Receive support with their business, marketing, and designing

* Get an outside perspective on what's working 

* Understand the roles that tech editing and test knitting play in your design process

* Begin a marketing strategy for launching your design

Depending on your learning style, I will:


* Chat with you via video call to walk through your process, needs, and any questions that arise for you

* Record tutorials to walk you through each step of a process, especially for technical aspects of your work

* Host a video chat where I can share my screen with you and walk you through each step real-time

* Answer your specific questions via a video recording, or a video call


The total amount of time I work with you is dependent on how much support you need. Calls are booked in 30 or 60 minute increments.

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