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Hey there, Designer, I see you.

You're feeling lonely, lost, and confused. 
You're wondering if the work you put into your business is even worth it.
You know you need a support network, a community, and connections within the industry, but you have no idea where to start.

Navigating the pattern design industry is hard when you're doing it alone, and that's why I'm here to help you out.

Don't worry; you've got this.

​You're feeling pretty confident about the design process, and you know that you want to make money from this passion. (It's ok to admit it; it's a real business with big dreams!) The problem is you need other designers in your circle. Other people that know what you're going through, know how to help, and have resources that will elevate your business.

The Designer Circle is filled with designers just like you, but in various levels of their design journey.


You're just getting into knitting pattern design, and you need some help. You've got all the questions, none of the answers, and you're feeling a bit hopeless.

One-on-one design coaching will walk you through the steps of designing your patterns from beginning to end, and with a path completely customized to your needs.

You're cruising through your knitwear design business, but you need just a few simple resources to make it run a bit smoother. 

I've created checklists, templates, video tutorials, and more to walk you through your design process with ease.

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