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My 20 Knitting Patterns on Sale for the Indie Gift Along 2023

Note: All links in this post direct to Ravelry.

Indie Gift Along

Not familiar with the Indie Gift Along (also known as Indie GAL)? It's an event hosted every year on Ravelry to celebrate and support indie pattern designers while knitting and crocheting together as a community - theoretically, knitting gifts for the holidays, but gifts for yourself 100% count too!

This year (2023), there are 262 participating designers, over 5000 patterns on sale during the bundle sale, and over 23,000 patterns eligible for the knit along/crochet along!

Participating Designer

I'm a "participating designer" in the Indie GAL, but what does that mean? Only the patterns from "participating designers" are applicable in the Indie GAL for the knit alongs/crochet alongs, and therefore eligible for hundreds of prizes. Additionally, the over 5000+ patterns on sale through Monday, November 27, 2023 are from the "participating designers."

So, in short, all of my knitting patterns are applicable for the Indie GAL, and 20 of my knitting patterns are on sale through Cyber Monday 2023!

20 Knitting Patterns on Sale

These are my 20 knitting patterns that are on sale through November 27, 2023. But these are just a few of the 5000+ total patterns in the sale bundle for the Indie GAL! All patterns on sale are 25% off when you use the coupon code giftalong2023 on Ravelry.

Wanting to make any (or all) of these patterns before the end of 2023? Be sure to share them in the Indie Gift Along, as all of my patterns are eligible for prizes! Plus, THESE patterns are 25% off through Monday, November 27 (11:59 pm EST) with coupon code giftalong2023.


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