My Favorite Knits for January: Cozy, Warm Knitting Patterns

Even though I moved south 2.5 years ago (but hey, we've gotten snow TWICE this year now!), when I think of January, I think of harsh, cold, snowy weather. So when I'm choosing hand kntis to wear in the winter, I want warm and cozy knitting patterns, likely in DK weight yarn!

But before we get into the warm, cozy knitwear, we can't forget the knits for the home!

Nestled Diamonds Blanket: warm, cozy, diamond blanket knitting pattern

cozy bulky weight diamond blanket knitting pattern knit in gray yarn lays over a couch pillow

Especially when it's knit up in a super cozy yarn like Loops and Threads Charisma, the Nestled Diamonds Blanket is the perfect couch accessory for January. It's hanging on my couch year-round, but it's getting a lot of use this time of year! As soon as we sit on the couch, we grab one of the blankets for curling up in.

The Nestled Diamonds Blanket is a fun, addicting knit that requires some attention but not too much. The repeat for each row is quick to memorize, and it's simple to read your knitting. The slipped cross stitches add a bit of interest to the knit and can be worked without a cable needle (yes, the linked tutorial shows you how)!

The pattern includes instructions for five sizes: Security Blanket, Baby Blanket, Stroller Blanket, Toddler Blanket, and Throw Blanket; and it's simple to modify in size by adjusting the number of repeats you work. The size shown is baby blanket size.

The pattern is available for purchase on Ravelry, LoveCrafts, and the Snickerdoodle Knits website.

Lacy Snowflake Dishcloth: cute, wintry snowflake dishcloth knitting pattern

Whether it's for your own kitchen or a thoughtful gift for your friend's, the Lacy Snowflake Dishcloth is a quick and fun knit that adds a bit of cheer to home during the January blues. The pattern does require some attention but is fairly easy to read your knitting once you get going. It uses yarn overs and decreases to create the lace motif, making it a great introduction to lace knitting!

You can get the free knitting pattern from my email list, or you can purchase the pattern on Ravelry, LoveCrafts, and the Snickerdoodle Knits website.

My Favorite Hand Knits for January: mitten, hat, shawl, headband, and cowl knitting patterns

Now, I'll be honest, I get the most excited about all of the hand knits that I get to wear! From mittens to hats or headbands to scarves and cowls. I love to be wrapped up so I'm cozy and warm!

Trust Shawl: cozy DK weight shawl knitting pattern

A big, warm, cozy hug, the Trust Shawl is a 3/4 shape shawl that uses some simple stitch motifs to create beautiful but simple textured panels. It's knit flat from the center point out as one piece. I especially love this shawl knitting pattern because it's large enough to provide a lot of warmth but my arms are still free! My favorite way to style it is as shown in the photo, but with a shawl cuff holding the ends together over my right shoulder.

The pattern is available for purchase on Ravelry, LoveCrafts, and the Snickerdoodle Knits website.

With Love From the North Mittens: cute, cozy super bulky mittens knitting pattern with a large heart

These adorable mittens are perfect for spreading a bit of cheer and love, whether it's for yourself or someone you love. As you wear the mittens, you feel the special warmth of love each time you open your hand to see the heart on your palm. This pattern is fun and simple, with the option to work the colorwork as intarsia, stranded colorwork, or duplicate stitch. The pattern includes three child sizes and three adult sizes.

The pattern is available for purchase on Ravelry, LoveCrafts, and the Snickerdoodle Knits website.

Endurance Shawl: simple, cozy DK weight shawl knitting pattern

My other go-to shawl knitting pattern for January is the Endurance Shawl. It's a simple asymmetrical triangle comprised entirely of garter stitch (and increase stitches) but adds some interest by playing with three different yarn colors. This is the perfect shawl for the beginner knitter, and the perfect mindless knitting project for the more advanced knitter. It's easy to adjust in size by just working more or less rows!

The pattern is available for purchase on Ravelry, LoveCrafts, and the Snickerdoodle Knits website.

Going to the Mountains Poncho: super cozy colorwork DK weight poncho knitting pattern

Where do I even start with this?! First of all, if you don't have a hand knit poncho in your life, you definitely need one. It's like all of the good things about pullovers and shawls brought together in one piece. I love that it's easy to pull over my head and take off; my shirt underneath doesn't really need to match; it actually keeps my arms warm! (unlike a shawl); it stays in one place and doesn't need adjusting; and it's like wearing a blanket but having full functionality of my arms!

Add on top of all of that squishy DK weight yarn and fun colorwork and texture... and you have the Going to the Mountains Poncho knitting pattern! The pattern includes four adult sizes to fit chest sizes of 34 inches to 60 inches.

The pattern is available for purchase on Ravelry, LoveCrafts, and the Snickerdoodle Knits website.

Windy Shores Hat: quick textured super bulky hat knitting pattern