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Along the Shores Fingerless Mitts

Simplistic to knit, fun to wear. Along the Shores Fingerless Mitts is an enjoyable knit with just a couple of simplistic textures inspired by the ocean. It includes the option to work a herringbone cuff or a ribbed cuff and customization instructions for adjusting the length of your mitts.
Along the Shores Fingerless Mitts Knitti
The techniques used in this pattern are relatively simple and catered toward an adventurous beginner knitter. The techniques include working stitches together and an I-cord bind off. More information on techniques can be found here.

Yarn requirements differ based on size but all sizes use less than one 50-gram skein of fingering weight yarn. For more information on yarn requirements, click here.

Along the Shores Fingerless Mitts Knitti
Slowly walking down the sunny beach, feeling the sand between your toes, basking in the warmth of the sunshine, smelling the salt in the air, inviting the cool breeze, listening to the rhythmic slap of the waves hitting the shore. Enjoying the coastal experience.

Does that not sound like paradise?

Warm, sunny ocean beaches are my favorite place to be. We're so fortunate to have the Atlantic Ocean just a few hours away, here in North Carolina.
Along the Shores is one of four fingering weight knitting patterns within the A New Home Collection, inspired by my new home: North Carolina.
Design Inspiration
And, of course, Along the Shores was directly inspired by the Carolina coastline. The mitts begin with a beautiful herringbone cuff (or, if you'd rather, there's a ribbed cuff option) that leads into the long, sandy shores of stockinette before reaching the crashing waves texture and ends with the I-cord bind off (a.k.a. sandy dune barriers).
Do you ever struggle with the on-off mitten/glove game? Like, when your hands are cold so you want your gloves on, but then you can't use your phone, so you have to take your glove off to send a text; then you hurriedly put your glove back on, only to have to take it off again in 68 seconds when you get another text?
The Along the Shores Fingerless Mitts solve that problem completely! You can keep your hands warm and use your phone, open the doorknob, and grip your coffee cup. Pretty fancy, huh? Plus, since you're knitting the mitts yourself, you get to choose how long you want the mitts -- whether you want to maximize warmth or maximize mobility. Personally, I go for warmth, because the knit fabric is pretty stretchy!
Along the Shores Fingerless Mitts Knitti
Wearing the Shawl
Along the Shores Fingerless Mitts Knitti

It'd been a long day at work, and then you came home to tired, whiny kids; the worst combination you can think of. Somehow the patience you thought was already gone just continues to diminish with each "Moommmmmmyyyyyyy" followed by a tattle-tale on the voice's sibling. You're just dreaming of the moment the kids are both in bed and you can curl up on the couch with your knitting. It feels like eons away.


You already know which knitting project you'll be working on tonight. The Along the Shores Fingerless Mitts are the perfect stress-relieving knit: fun, engaging, and relaxing to knit. You're not sure yet which podcast you'll watch: Joji's newest journal or Marce's soothing spinning video.

Knitting the Shawl
The techniques used in the Along the Shores Fingerless Mitts pattern are primarily very simple: the majority of the knitting is knits and purls. The pattern also includes knitting stitches together, increases, and an I-cord bind off. The pattern is written for an adventurous beginner knitter wanting to learn a couple of new textures. 
All of my patterns include clear, step-by-step (written and charted) instructions and linked video technique tutorials that walk you through the pattern with confidence and joy. I am also available for pattern support if you have questions.
Along the Shores Fingerless Mitts Knitti
Knitting Techniques

   Adult (XS, S, M) (L, XL)

   Hand Circumference: (7, 7.5, 8) (8.5,         9) in / (18, 19, 20) (21.5, 23) cm

   Total Mitt Length: (5, 5.5, 6) (6.5,             6.5) in / (12.5, 14, 15) (16.5, 17) cm

   (120, 146, 163) (189, 212) yds / (111,             133, 149) (173, 194) m; (26, 31, 35)         (41, 46) grams fingering weight           yarn
Designed used Queen City Yarn NoDa Sock in the On the Dock colorway. Get color & yarn recommendations here.

   2.25 mm (US size 1) – or size needed         to obtain stockinette gauge – 16”           (or longer) circular needles for             magic loop OR double-pointed             needles OR 9” circular needles

   5.0 mm (US size 8) – or size needed           to obtain herringbone gauge – 16”         (or longer) circular needles for             magic loop OR double-pointed             needles OR 9” circular needles

Darning needle

2 removable stitch markers

Along the Shores Fingerless Mitts Knitti

   30 stitches, 42 rounds = 4” / 10 cm in         stockinette stitch

   32 stitches, 32 rounds = 4” / 10 cm in         herringbone stitch

   Bottom up, in the round
Patten Specifics

What Knitters Are Saying...

"It is a quick and easy knit, and makes for a really cute pair of mitts! I love it!" - test knitter
"Lovely pattern and the herringbone cuff is just beautiful" - test knitter
"simple design with nice accents" - test knitter
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