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Autumnal Socks

Available in a large number of sizes, with multiple customization options, the Autumnal Socks will be your new favorite patterned sock! It features a faux cable motif and a slipped cross stitch motif, making for a fun and engaging, but simplistic, knit.
Autumnal Socks Knitting Pattern.png
You think you see a cable running up the foot? Nope! The techniques used in this pattern are primarily knits and purls, decreases and increases in the round, and slipped cross stitches. There is also a special cast on for working socks, and a couple of techniques specific to the heel. This is a great pattern for an adventurous beginner who is confident with knitting in the round and is interested in learning how to knit socks. More information on techniques can be found here.

Yarn requirements differ based on size but range from one to two 100-gram skeins of fingering weight yarn. For more information on yarn requirements, click here.

Autumnal Socks Knitting Pattern.png.png
It’s autumn, the best season for a walk through the woods at the local parks. It’s still warm, but cooler. The woods are calm and quiet, with exception to the squirrels chasing each other up a tree. The crisp leaves crunch under each step, and more leaves continue to fall. You can't help but stop and watch: the leaves slowly but steadily dropping.

The Autumnal Socks design was inspired by the beautiful fall season in North Carolina: the gorgeous reds, golds, and oranges in the leaves; amazingly warm but not hot weather; a lovely transition of seasons.
This pattern is one of four fingering weight knitting patterns within the A New Home Collection, a collection inspired by new home: North Carolina.
Design Inspiration
It's a cold winter evening that calls for a cozy night in by the fire. A night with hot cocoa, games with the kids (or a quiet night with a book), and your favorite pair of hand knit socks.
You have to check your sock drawer to see if your favorites are clean. Your Autumnal Socks are a fun and cozy pair calf-height socks that you want in every color from your wardrobe. Not only are they cozy, but they make you feel elegant while you're cozy - with the beautiful leaf motif up the front and the hidden gem of branches on the side of the calf. And the best part? The pattern includes instructions to help you make the perfect fit for your foot!
Autumnal Socks Knitting Pattern.png.png
Wearing the Shawl
Autumnal Socks Knitting Pattern.png

The socks are fun, but simple, to knit and make for a lovely patterned sock. They textured motifs are engaging and require a little bit of counting, but the techniques are simplistic and fun. Remember your night in that I described in the previous section? This would be the perfect knitting project for that night (instead of the reading or playing games).

The knit is relaxing but interesting and includes a fair bit of stockinette. There are also customization options to make it your favorite knit: rounded toe or square toe; afterthought heel or short row heel; ankle height or calf height; magic loop or DPNs (and an easy layout for two-at-a-time).

Knitting the Shawl
The Autumnal Socks are a toe up sock featuring a faux cable leaf motif that runs along the edge of each foot, from the toe to the cuff. It also features a stunning branch motif (using slipped cross stitches) along the inside of each leg, running from the ankle up to the cuff.⁣ The techniques used for include a toe-up cast on, increases, decreases, and  few special techniques depending on which heel you choose.
This is a great pattern for an adventurous beginner interested in learning how to knit socks. I do recommend, however, that you feel confident with working in the round before knitting the socks. 
Autumnal Socks Knitting Pattern.png
Knitting Techniques
The pattern is specifically written with new sock knitters in mind and guides the knitter through the full process to alleviate any overwhelm. All of my patterns include clear, step-by-step (written and charted) instructions with linked video technique tutorials that walk you through the pattern with confidence and joy. The trickiest part of this pattern is a needle adjustment that is performed after the heel. I've included a thorough explanation of the process and a linked tutorial video specific to the pattern to make it an easy transition for you. I am also available for pattern support if you have questions.

   Circumference: 7 (7.5, 8, 8.5) (9, 9.5,         10) in / 18 (19, 20.5, 21.5) (23, 24,         25.5) cm

   Foot Length: 8 (9, 9.5, 10) (10.5, 11,           11.5) in / 20.5 (23, 24, 25.5) (26.5,         28, 29) cm


   Approximate Leg Height

   Calf: 5.5 (5.5, 7.5, 7.5) (7.5, 7.5, 7.5)           in / 14 (14, 19, 19) (19, 19, 19) cm

   Ankle: 0.7 in / 1.8 cm


   Calf Height: 290 (335, 380, 415)               (465, 505, 560) yds / 265 (305,           345, 380) (425, 460, 510) m; 75           (85, 95, 105) (115, 125, 140) grams         fingering weight yarn

   Ankle Height: 175 (210, 235, 260)             (290, 320, 350) yds / 160 (190,             215, 240) (265, 295, 320) m; 45           (55, 60, 65) (75, 80, 90) grams           fingering weight yarn

Designed using Knitty Gritty Fibers Fingering in the Pumpkin Spiced Latte colorway. Get color & yarn recommendations here.
  32 stitches, 46 rounds = 4 in / 10 cm          in stockinette stitch worked in the          round
Autumnal Socks Knitting Pattern.png

   2.25 mm (US size 1) – or size needed         to obtain gauge – 16” (40 cm)               circular needles*

   2.00 mm (US size 0) – or one size             smaller than needle used to get             gauge – 16” (40 cm) circular                 needles*

Cable needle

Darning needle

2 Stitch markers

Waste yarn (for afterthought heel)

   Toe up, in the round
Patten Specifics

*This pattern is written for magic loop, but short circular needles or double pointed needles may be used if preferred. The pattern also works well for two-at-a-time.

What Knitters Are Saying...

"this was a fun and quick knit, and I very much enjoyed it" - test knitter
"quite fun to knit and interesting looking as a sock :)" - test knitter
"They fit perfectly [...] Having the left and right side instructions right next to each other was easy to read and I could easily check one side against the other. [...] my husband has already requested a pair in this pattern for himself [...] This was a fun knit [...] my first toe-up sock pattern and I had a great time with it." - test knitter
"I like it very much. [... liked the design] Very, very, very much." - test knitter
"Very easy to follow - thumbs up! [...] I felt it was really straightforward and easy to read. Not a lot of "extra" stuff that makes it busy and intimidating, something I keep in mind when recommending patterns to more novice knitters! [...] Already plotting my next pair which I just do the cabled slip stitches up the sides.... !! [...] Keep up the good work, this is a really cute, original design and a refreshing entry into the mass of sock patterns!" - test knitter
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