From my patterns and tutorials to my products, thank you so much for your support of my work!  For Real.  It means a ton to me!
If you signed up for email updates using the pop-up on my website, you will receive any of my "knitting patterns" emails.  But, wait, there's more!  Interested in my Etsy products, video tutorials, or calls for test knitting?  You can receive updates for all of it!
What's Included in the Emails?
I don't want to spam you, and I don't want to annoy you with endless, useless emails.  That's why I've made it easy to sign up for the emails that you're interested in, and I only send emails when I have a new release or an extra-special sale opportunity for you.
Etsy Products: If you sign up for emails regarding my Etsy products, you will likely only receive emails between August and January (typically 1-2 emails per month during this time period), when I'm most active in my Etsy shop.  I'll share information on new products in the Etsy shop, special sales, and provide information on where you can find me in-person at craft fairs.  Last year I also sent out a holiday gift guide.
Knitting Patterns: When you sign up for my Knitting Patterns emails, you will receive an email with details outlining the launch of each of my new patterns.  The frequency varies according to my release schedule. Occasionally, I will share a special sale that I am hosting on Ravelry.
Video Tutorials: If you sign up for video tutorial updates, I'll just share with you when I release a new video tutorial or series!  This will be a new feature coming to Snickerdoodle Knits this year.
Test Knitting: Interested in knitting my patterns for free -- before they are even released?  When you sign up for test knitting updates, you will receive an email every time I have a pattern that is ready for test knitting (there are usually a couple per month, depending on the projects I'm working on)!
Blog Notifications: To sign up for blog update notifications, please visit this page and click the "Login/Sign Up" button.  I believe you will receive an email every time I post a new blog!  I'm aiming for one to two blogs per week, once I get my momentum built up!
How Do I Sign Up for Said Emails?
With the exclusion of the blog notifications (which I linked the page to above), just scroll down to the bottom of the page!  Enter your name, email, and click the box for each topic you want updates on!  The first email that you will receive will be a coupon to use in my Ravelry shop!
As with anything, please reach out via email or social media if you have any questions or concerns!
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