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In a Mood Shawl by Snickerdoodle Knits

In a Mood Collection

This collection of three knitting patterns is completely customizable so you can knit according to your mood, whatever it is. Included are a shawl, cowl, and scarf knitting pattern that use the same design concept but may yield completely different results based on your mood!
Who doesn't love a choose your own adventure knit? With the In a Mood Collection patterns, you get to choose your yarn weight, choose the number of colors you use, choose your project length, and choose which stitches you use and when! The patterns are completely customizable according to the mood you're in as you knit.

Not interested in following your mood? Each pattern includes at least 8 design recommendations. 
The shawl is extremely cozy and makes it very easy to use any yarn weight you'd like. The repeats are short, sweet, and fun to knit.
In a Mood Shawl
In a Mood Cowl by Snickerdoodle Knits.png
The cowl pattern is worked in the round for a quick and enjoyable knit. Use just one color, change colors as you change textures, or follow whatever color combo your heart desires!
The scarf pattern is worked as a tube and then seamed together to create one large loops. Knit the small size for just one loop or knit a larger size for the ability to wrap the scarf around your neck a couple times.
In a Mood Scarf by Snickerdoodle Knits
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