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In a Mood Shawl

This create-your-own-adventure style design allows you to choose your yarn weight, your project size, and even which stitches you use and when! It's completely customizable according to the mood you're in, or you can follow one of ten design recommendations in the pattern.
In a Mood Shawl by Snickerdoodle Knits
While the techniques in this shawl include dropped stitches and simple lace, you can choose which motifs you use and can make the shawl as complex or simple as you'd like. More information on techniques can be found here.

You also have the ability to create the shawl size that you're interested in; however, as a general recommendation is one (100-gram) skein for a small size, two (100-gram) skeins for a medium size, and three (100-gram) skeins for a large size.  For more information on yarn requirements, click here.

In a Mood Shawl by Snickerdoodle Knits
How many times have you abandoned a knitting project because you weren't in the mood to work on it anymore?

What if you had a project that you could adjust according to the mood that you were in, so your project was always something you were excited to work on?

That's where the idea for the In a Mood Collection came from: to create completely customizable patterns that you could work in any knitting mood you have.

For that reason, the shawl includes four stitch motifs with varying levels of complexity and energy required; allows you to use any yarn weight, any number of yarn color, and as much yarn as you'd like.
Design Inspiration
more info coming soon
In a Mood Shawl by Snickerdoodle Knits
Wearing the Shawl
In a Mood Shawl by Snickerdoodle Knits
In the mood for something simple and relaxing? Wanting to work on your knitting without needing to think about what you're working? Just knit Garter!

In the mood to go in the flow with a stitch motif that is fun to work but requires a little attention? Wanting to change things up a bit from the garter but don't want to have to concentrate too much? Knit Dropped Stitches.

In the mood for something repetitive but simple? Want something with simple techniques but a bit more interesting than garter to work while you listen to a podcast? The Garter Rib Inside Out is perfect for your mood.
Knitting the Shawl

In the mood for something to distract you? Wanting a more complicated stitch motif that will keep you engaged? The Simple Lace stitch motif is what you're looking for.

The entire shawl uses simple increases and slip stitches for the shawl border. The garter section uses just knits; the dropped stitch section uses knits, dropped stitches, and purls; the garter rib inside out section uses knits and purls; and the simple lace section uses knits, purls, yarn overs, and SK2P.

All of my patterns include clear, step-by-step (written and charted) instructions and linked video technique tutorials that walk you through the pattern with confidence and joy. I am also available for pattern support if you have any questions.
In a Mood Shawl by Snickerdoodle Knits
Knitting Techniques
Yarn & Needles


Fingering Weight

Small: 75 g / 300 yd / 275 m
Medium: 100 g / 400 yd / 365 m
Large: 200 g / 800 yd / 732 m

For my fingering weight sample, I used Hand Dyed Diva Sock in Magic Mint and Envy.

3.75 mm (US size 5) & 4.5 mm (US size 7) – or sizes needed to obtain gauge – circular needles, 32” (80 cm) minimum length


DK Weight

Small: 150 g / 330 yd / 302 m
Medium: 200 g / 440 yd / 402 m
Large: 300 g / 660 yd / 604 m

For my DK weight sample (the main sample), I used Hand Dyed Diva DK in Raven Wing, Swim Up Bar, and Turquoise & Sterling.

5.5 mm (US size 9) & 6.5 mm (US size 10.5) – or sizes needed to obtain gauge – circular needles, 32” (80 cm) minimum length

Aran Weight

Small: 150 g / 257 yd / 235 m
Medium: 200 g / 343 yd / 314 m
Large: 280 g / 480 yd / 439 m

For my aran weight sample, I used Interlacements Yarns Brawny in Oceans.

8.0 mm (US size 11) & 9.0 mm (US size 13) – or sizes needed to obtain gauge – circular needles, 32” (80 cm) minimum length

Get color & yarn recommendations here.
Approximate Sizing

    Small: 30 in/76 cm wide x 15 in/38 cm               deep
    Medium: 45 in/114 cm wide x 22 in/56               cm deep
    Large: 60 in/152 cm wide x 30 in/76 cm             deep


   Darning needle

   Progress keeper, optional

   Varies depending on yarn weight
   Asymmetrical triangle - starting at          the tip and increasing along one            edge, worked flat
Patten Specifics
In a Mood Shawl by Snickerdoodle Knits

What Knitters Are Saying...

"This pattern gives the knitter permission to bunker down and focus or zone out and knit to an audiobook. It’s a true joy to knit whatever you feel up to each time you pick it up!" - @Knit.nac on Instagram

"As easy or difficult as you are in the mood for knitting in the moment."  - Judy Nudelman

"This is the pattern that can be accomplished with any type/weight of yarn. You are given an example to follow but you can make it your own - whatever your mood or state of mind takes you!" - Kim

"This pattern is perfect for someone who loves texture, loves variety and/or wants to expand beginner skills. I enjoyed knitting this even though I am an experienced knitter as it kept me engaged, produced a pleasing fabric and was great for easier knitting. I am pleased with the medium size in DK because it will be a great shawl for semi-warm weather but also small enough to be a nice accent over a heavier sweater. - Kristinonline2

"There is something tremendously fun and whimsical about being able to choose your own adventure by switching between different stitch motifs, depending on where your imagination takes you. I loved that freedom and it felt more like an art project than a craft. So nicely done! I loved every moment of knitting this wonderful design." - bossanova

"This was a fun way to use my creativity! I enjoyed all the options of stitches as well as yarn weight and size. I definitely want to make another!" - @rachelstitches on Instagram
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