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On the Road Again Collection

This collection of two knitting patterns is inspired by the road. The motif literally looks like a road, but the collection speaks to something greater: the loneliness of a life "on the road," as well as the metaphorical road to finding a sense of belonging. The collection uses DK weight yarn.
On the Road Again is a sequel to the Home Series because the Home Series (including My Forever Home, A New Home, and Next Door Neighbors) didn’t tell the full story. It told a happy story of having a home and neighbors, a place to belong. But many of us experience feelings of not belonging, of not having a place that really feels like home.

In these situations, even if you have a roof over your head and a warm place to stay, it still doesn’t feel like home. You don’t feel like you can relax, get comfortable, and enjoy life. Maybe it’s because of the way your living space looks. Maybe it’s because you spend a lot of your time traveling. Maybe it’s because you move frequently. Maybe it’s because you don’t feel comfortable in your social circles.

Whatever the reason, it feels unsettling, uncomfortable, discouraging. You feel alone, and you wish you had some stability in a sense of belonging.

If you understand those feelings - whether you experience those now or have experienced them in the past - I’ve created this design for you. To say that you are seen and understood. That it’s hard to feel like you belong. But it’s ok. There’s nothing wrong with you. 💙
A fun, simple pattern, the On the Road Again Hat is a cozy hat perfect for winter and transitional seasons. The design uses two colors of DK weight yarn, making for a fun opportunity to play with coordinating and contrasting colors. The pattern includes five hat sizes.
The On the Road Again Cowl is an addicting knit, including ribbing and the same road motif from the hat. The cowl was designed so you can use just 2 skeins of DK weight yarn for both the hat and cowl. In order to do so, you must swap the main color and contrasting color.
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