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On the Road Again Cowl

On the Road Again Cowl is a fun, addicting knit that creates a simple-to-knit and simple-to-wear accessory perfect for spring and fall weather. The cowl includes four sizes and can easily be adjusted in length by working additional repeats.
Work a coordinating (swapping your MC and CC) On the Road Again Hat with your cowl to use up your yarn!  
The techniques used within the On the Road Again Cowl pattern are adventurous beginner friendly. The cowl uses knits, purls, and decreases in the round, plus a few rounds of 2-stranded colorwork. Read more about the knitting techniques here.
As designed, the cowl uses 2 (115-gram) skeins of DK weight (one for the main color and one for the contrasting color), and you can also knit an On the Road Again Hat using your leftover yarn. Learn more about the yarn requirements here.
The initial design concept came to mind just a couple of months after I released my first pattern design. We were driving over 24 hours across the country to move to North Carolina, and I thought the design of the road would make for a fun knitting pattern. It sounds a little silly now, but I actually really love it!
However, that's not the full story behind the On the Road Again patterns. This move to a new state where we didn't know anyone became pivotal for me. I'd been struggling for years with feeling like I didn't belong anywhere. Long story short, I finally felt like I belonged somewhere after our big move.
Design Inspiration
The Home Series of knitting patterns was created out of gratitude for my new home, a place where I felt like I belonged. But, the Home Series didn't tell the whole story. It didn't mention the phase of like where I didn't feel like I belonged. So that's the story On the Road Again tells: the story of those who don't feel settled and as if they have a place to belong. Those who don't feel as if they have a home. And those that spend a lot of time "on the road" so they aren't home as often as they'd like. 
The On the Road Again Cowl is a versatile knit perfect for spring and fall weather. You can wear it with a coat on a chilly day and pull it up over your mouth and chin for a bit of added warmth.
Or, if it's a bit warmer, you can wear it more as an accessory. Looking for a little added warmth and thickness? Tuck in the top ribbing for a double-thick layer of fabric around your neck!
Wearing the Shawl
You're drained. Work, kids, life. It's all been a bit exhausting lately. You've been overwhelmed with all of the "have to" and "need to" and "supposed to's" of life, and it's a bit too much, to be honest.
You need a break. Some time for you. Time to relax.
The On the Road Again Cowl lets you do just that: settle down and relax. But it's got just enough going on to keep your mind from wandering to all of that stress again. 'Cause we both know you don't need that right now. So sit back and enjoy this fun, easy-to-memorize, and addicting knit.
Knitting the Shawl
The On the Road Again Cowl includes just a few simple techniques, making it a perfect knit for an adventurous knitter interested in learning how to knit a hat in the round with colorwork. Never done any of those before? Don't worry. You'll get in a bit of practice working in the round before you need to change colors. For most of the knit, you'll work in one color. The pattern includes linked video tutorials for all of the stitches used in the pattern plus any potentially new-to-you techniques (such as working with two colors. 
All of my patterns come with clear, step-by-step (written and charted) instructions that walk you through the pattern with confidence. I am also available for pattern support if you have questions.
Knitting Techniques
   4.0 mm (US size 6), or size needed to         obtain gauge, circular needles,             minimum 16 in / 40 cm long
   Darning needle
   Stitch marker, optional
   18 stitches, 24 rounds = 4” / 10 cm in           stockinette stitch
Patten Specifics
   (Child, Small Adult, Medium Adult,         Large Adult)
   Bottom Circumference: (20, 23.25,             26.75, 30) in / (51, 59.5, 67.5, 76)         cm
    Top Circumference: (17.75, 21, 24.5,            27.75) in / (45, 53.5, 62, 70.5) cm
   Cowl Length: (9, 11.5, 14, 16.5) in /             (23, 29, 35.5, 42) cm
   (100, 167, 226, 322) yds / (91, 153,             207, 294) m; (46, 77, 104, 148)             grams DK weight yarn for MC

   (17, 28, 39, 54) yds / (16, 26, 36, 49)           m; (8, 13, 18, 25) grams DK                   weight yarn for CC
Designed using Birch Hollow Fibers Phillis DK in Baby Ann and Sword Steel. Get color & yarn recommendations here.
   Bottom up, in the round

What Knitters Are Saying...

"It's a simple, elegant design. A good opportunity to use the remaining yarn from different projects." -- Svetlana
"Great simple pattern with a lot of color options!"
"Quick, fun, and addicting pattern. If you like cowls, you might need one in every color combo!"
"This pattern is wonderful! The idea and story behind it resonated with me because I move every 2-3 years. Car rides and plane trips are familiar and inviting to me. The pattern itself is easy to follow. It has both written instructions and charted. The colorwork is simple and easy to remember. If you’re looking for a good introductory colorwork pattern, I’d recommend this one. The finished piece is a great wardrobe piece to have, especially for transitional weather - winter to spring and practically all autumn." -- Ashley | leylandyarn
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