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26 Knitting Patterns from 14 Designers for $17: Head Start on the Holidays - Knit For Me Bundle

I am so excited to share that I've joined a group of 13 other knitting pattern designers for the Head Start on the Holidays Knit for Me bundle! The bundle includes 26 knitting patterns perfect for cozy gift knitting and "selfish" knitting. (I don't think there's any such thing as selfish knitting - you are totally deserving of allllll the knits!)

When you purchase the bundle, you will receive all 26 knitting patterns (at a discounted rate of 88% off) plus exclusive discounts of 25-50% off patterns from 12 of the participating knit and crochet designers! The bundle costs $17 and is only available through Friday, August 27th at 11:59 pm Eastern Time.

The knitting bundle includes:

  • 1 clutch

  • 1 cardigan

  • 4 mittens and fingerless mitts

  • 7 hats

  • 1 set of home decor trees

  • 8 scarves and cowls

  • 4 shawls

  • 1 ponchette

There are so many options to choose from as you begin to knit for fall, winter, and gift knitting! ❤

(Edited to add: I've just added the complete list of pattern names and designers to the end of this post!)

Snickerdoodle Knits Patterns in the Bundle

Within the bundle, I've included three of my patterns: the Cozy Winters Cowl, Windy Shores Hat, and Trust Shawl. You will also receive a special 25% off coupon for my patterns on Ravelry and my website.

The Cozy Winters Cowl is a wonderfully simple but interesting knit. It features a faded purl texture that is most dense at the bottom and least dense at the top, symbolizing the snow falling during the Montana winters. It is polished off with a beautiful I-cord bind off. The pattern includes 4 sizes: child, small adult, medium adult, and large adult. Regardless of the size, this fun knit seems to fly off the needles!

The lighter (gray and light blue) sample is the medium adult size, and the darker (teal) sample is the large adult size. This design is one of five DK weight patterns in the My Forever Home Collection, inspired by my home state, Montana.

The Windy Shores Hat is another fun purl textured design, but this time the purls create a texture representing the cold waves splashing along the Canadian coasts. This texture includes easy-to-memorize repeats that are also easy to "read" in your knitting. Between the simple texture and the super bulky yarn, this knit is quick and perfect for gift knitting. The pattern includes 5 sizes: child, teen, small adult, medium adult, and large adult; and the option to work either the beanie version or the ponytail/messy bun version!

Both samples are worked in the small adult size. This design is one of two super bulky weight patterns in the Next Door Neighbors Collection, inspired by my Canadian "neighbors" while growing up in Montana.

The Trust Shawl is one of my earlier designs and still one of my absolute favorites! Its simplicity, texture, coziness, and practicality make it one of my favorite knits to wear. It's easy to toss on with a variety of outfits, and it's wonderfully warm. The 3/4 shawl shape is one that we don't see frequently, but I love that it's the perfect combination of shawl and poncho. You can wear it draped over your shoulders from the front or the back for warmth while you work at the computer, knit, or read a book. Or, you can style it (like the first photo) as a beautiful accessory that helps keep your upper body, including your arms (!!), warm and your arms are free to use.

The pattern includes just one size, but it is easy to make it longer or shorter by choosing to continue the repeat or stop the repeat early. This design is one of four shawl patterns in the Guiding Principles Collection, inspired by qualities that I think are helpful at the beginning of (and throughout) a new year.

Other Designers + Designs

I'll be honest, I was blown away by a few of the designers that I'm listed with in this bundle! The other designers included are: Banana Moon Studio, ChristaCoDesign, Designs By Diligence, Goddess Crochet, Handknits & Hygge, Hooked for Life Publishing, Jeanette Sloan, Knitatude, Lavender Hill Knits. Stitches n Scraps, The Drunk Knitter, Underground Crafter, and Whimsy North.

Here are my three favorite patterns in the bundle from other designers: Scrapper Beanie by the Drunk Knitter, Eudine Cowl by Jeanette Sloan, and Everyday Basic Beanie (and Cowl) by Whimsy North.

Crochet Bundle

While I'm not included in it, there is also a Head Start for the Holidays Crochet for Me bundle! It includes 35 patterns from 26 designers for $19.

The bundle includes:

  • 1 amigurumi

  • 2 garments

  • 4 gloves and wristlets

  • 8 headbands and hats

  • 10 home decor pieces

  • 2 necklaces

  • 9 cowls and scarves

  • 3 shawls

The crochet pattern bundle features designers ACCROchet, Banana Moon Studio, Blue Star Crochet, Canoe Mtn Designs, Celtic Knot Crochet, Chabepatterns, ChristaCoDesign, CozyCreativeCrochets, Crafty Kitty Crochet, Crochet With Mary Beth, Dora Does, Fosbas Designs, Goddess Crochet, Handknits & Hygge, HandmadebyRaine, Hooked for Life Publishing, Itchin’ for some Stitchin’, Juniper & Oakes, KnitterKnotter, Knot 2 Sassy, Malloo, Moogly, Stitches n Scraps, Straight Hooked, Through The Loop Yarn Craft, and Underground Crafter.

My three favorite designs are the Flower Wall Hanging my Malloo, Fiddlesticks Shawl by Canoe Mtn Designs, and Madhu Honeycomb Blanket by KnitterKnotter.

(Edited to add: I've just added the complete list of pattern names and designers to the end of this post!)

Want Both the Knit Bundle and the Crochet Bundle?

If you purchase both bundles, you will receive an additional $5. You will receive the 26 knitting patterns and 35 crochet patterns for just $31, or less than $0.51 per pattern! When you add one of the bundles to your cart, it will give you the option to add on the second one.

How Does It Work?

The pattern bundles are only available from today (August 23rd, 2021) through this Friday, August 27th, 2021 at 11:59 pm Eastern Time. Designers are compensated for their work by receiving a portion of the sales from the sales made with their affiliate link. If you purchase your bundle(s) using any of the links in my blog post, I will receive a percentage of the sale. I truly appreciate your support for my work, and I hope you enjoy this opportunity to receive patterns from other designers while supporting my small business 🤗

The cost per pattern for the knitting bundle comes out to $0.66 per pattern, and the cost per pattern for the crochet bundle comes out to $0.55 per pattern, so no matter which option you choose, it is a huge steal!

After you make your purchase, you will receive access to the patterns as well as all of the links and discount codes for each designer (including an exclusive 25% off discount for my patterns)!

See photos of each of the Knitting Bundle Patterns in this YouTube video:

See photos of each of the Crochet Bundle Patterns in this YouTube video:

Since this is my first time participating in a pattern bundle, I'd love to hear your thoughts on it! Comment to let me know if you love it or hate it!

Happy Knitting (and Crocheting),


Edited to Add: Here are all of the knitting pattern names and designers. All of the links lead to Ravelry. An asterisks indicates that I was unable to find the pattern, so I assume this is a new pattern that has not been released to the public yet.

Knitting Patterns:

Aquamarine Shawl by Hooked for Life Publishing

Asymmetrical Arrowhead Ponchette by Underground Crafter

Bethlehem Cowl by Designs By Diligence

*Bienno Pocket Shawl by ChristaCoDesign

*Bubble Up Cowl by Whimsy North

Caribbean Sea Clutch by Underground Crafter

Cozy Winters Cowl by Snickerdoodle Knits

Cranberry Dreams Shawl by Underground Crafter

Eudine Cowl by Jeanette Sloan

Everyday Basic Cowl by Knitatude

Expansion Shawl by Hooked for Life Publishing

Fall Cowl by Hooked for Life Publishing

*Flip Side Wristers by Goddess Crochet

*Foxy Brown by Jeanette Sloan

Homage Cardigan by Hooked for Life Publishing

Hudson River Trail Hat by Underground Crafter

Into the Snow by Handknits & Hygge

Lily Headband by Banana Moon Studio

McAlester Mittens by Banana Moon Studio

*Mini Trees Collection by Lavender Hill Knits

Pearls Please by Jeanette Sloan

*Phoebe Cowl by Stitches n Scraps

*Sand Pond Hat by Lavender Hill Knits

*Scrapper Beanie by The Drunk Knitter

Trust Shawl by Snickerdoodle Knits

Windy Shores Hat by Snickerdoodle Knits

Crochet Patterns:

Basix Just for Him by Canoe Mtn Designs

Beginner’s Triangle Shawl by Underground Crafter

Bobble Diamonds and Posts Scarf by Underground Crafter

Bonbon Baby Blanket by Blue Star Crochet

*Cable Runner by Stitches n Scraps

*Celtic Christmas Necklace by Celtic Knot Crochet

Chic Reversible Beanie by Fosabas Designs

Christmas Bells by HandmadebyRaine

*Christmas Cabled Scarf by Celtic Knot Crochet

Classic Christmas Ornament by HandmadebyRaine

*Cordova Basketweave Scarf by Itchin’ for some Stitchin’

*Cozy Cabled Beanie by Juniper & Oakes

Dans La Neige by Handknits & Hygge

Dot-to-dot Cowl by Banana Moon Studio

Fiddlesticks Shawl by Canoe Mtn Designs

*Flip Side Wristers by Goddess Crochet

Gala Confetti Shawl by Hooked for Life Publishing

Ice Cap Headband and Glove by Straight Hooked (not on Ravelry)

Madhu Honeycomb Blanket by KnitterKnotter

Make It Quick Cowl by Through the Loop Yarn Craft

*Mermaid Fingerless Gloves by Crafty Kitty Crochet

*Monte Cowl by ChristaCoDesignOnce and Floral Necklace by Crochet With Mary Beth

*Ribbing Two Ways Beanie by Underground Crafter

*Ribbon Candy Table Runner by Moogly

Rugged Warmth Winter Set by Banana Moon Studio

Spiral Donut Cowl by Straight Hooked (not on Ravelry

Square Christmas Rug by HandmadebyRaine

*Totally Twisted Gloves by CozyCreativeCrochets

Toutomou softie by ACCROchet

Winter Thrills Pillow Cover by Chabepatterns


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