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On the Farm Fingerless Mitts Knitting Pattern: Design Inspiration

Warm, cozy, simple, and fun. The On the Farm Fingerless Mitts are a quick and easy-to-knit DK weight colorwork project, available in five adult sizes. They make a great project for playing with two-color combos. This pattern is one of five patterns in the “My Forever Home” Collection, a collection of knitting patterns inspired by my home state: Montana.

In the middle of summer, farmers' crops are growing rapidly. What seems to have just been little sprouts shooting from beneath the ground have suddenly grown into tall, leafy stalks. You look down the rows: clear, straight, and neatly planted. Close to you, the rows are well-defined. You can see the dirt and the stalks separately. But as you look up and into the distance, the rows start to blend together, becoming a vast sea of green.

The On the Farm Mitts are inspired by rows of Montana farmland, with the colorwork representing the well-defined rows that fade and blend into green, bushy crops.

I designed this pattern using Western Sky Knits' Merino 17 DK yarn in colorways Sage and Green, to represent the dirt and green crops. These fingerless mitts look great with any two contrasting yarns: solid, tonal, speckled, or variegated, but I don't recommend using two variegated yarns. Looking for some yarn and color suggestions for your On the Farm Fingerless Mitts? Check out this blog post.

Learn more about the pattern, and get the links to purchase the pattern here.


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