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Weekly Knit Chit Chat: Hang Out & Chat with a Knitting Pattern Designer Each Week

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

Do you like to hang out and interact with fellow knitters? Do you enjoy casual conversation that is always sprinkled with knitting chat? Do you like to get to know the personalities of the people you buy from online? Would you like to get to know me, the designer and coach behind Snickerdoodle Knits, better?

Compassion and Connection within the Knitting and Pattern Design World

Two things I'm passionate about are connection and compassion, so one of my goals in 2022 is to do more connecting with you, and more connecting you with other people and resources in our industry. To start off, I'm planning to go live on Instagram every Friday at 4 pm (Eastern time) for a Weekly Knit Chit Chat.

Weekly Knit Chit Chat on Instagram Live

The Weekly Knit Chit Chats are a fun, casual occasion where we hang out and chat! Think of it as if we were hanging out in the living room, knitting and chatting away on the couch. Unfortunately, I'm not able to see you on video, but you can see me, and if you join live (which I would absolutely love if you did!), you can interact with me -- make comments, ask questions, and definitely share what's new in your world (including your knitting projects!).

I'm currently hosting Weekly Knit Chit Chat on Instagram Live every Friday at 4:00 pm Eastern Time. You can always check the Knit Chit Chat schedule on my Instagram profile -- at the bottom of the bio section it shows a calendar icon with "Live Video" and the information for the next live event! If there are multiple events scheduled, just click on the information and it will show you the dates and times for each scheduled event!

Knitting Talk & Casual Conversation

While I do bring a few conversation ideas each week, this isn't a structured event, and it's very much guided by your questions and comments.

What I do plan to talk about each week is:

  • Share three words to describe your week. (I think this is a fun and easy way to reflect on the week and also start a conversation about what's been happening in our lives.) Sometimes this leads into some side/tangent story-telling on my part, sometimes it leads into Snickerdoodle Knits news from the week.

  • Any important Snickerdoodle Knits announcements

  • Encouraging/motivational/inspirational thoughts I've had on my mind lately

  • The reminder that you're on your own journey; you get to choose your path; and I hope you enjoy that journey. And of course, I send you big hugs!

Catching the Replay Videos

You can catch the Weekly Chit Chat Replay Videos either on Instagram TV or on my YouTube channel. It will likely take a couple days for me to upload the videos on YouTube, whereas Instagram TV videos are posted within a few minutes of closing the chat.

Looking to catch up on the full series? You can find the full series on Instagram TV and on YouTube.

Featured Crochet or Knitting Pattern Designer on Instagram Live

In additional to the weekly Knit Chit Chat calls, once a month I'll be hosting a fellow crochet or knitting pattern designer on Instagram Live to chat about their design journey for the Featured Designer series. The first Featured Designer is Hannah Thiessen of @hannahbelleknits on Instagram on Thursday, January 27th at 4 pm Eastern time.

You can catch the Instagram Live videos, check the upcoming schedule, and watch the replay videos the same way as for Knit Chit Chat. However, these videos are saved in a different series, both on Instagram and on YouTube. If you're watching on Instagram from your phone, just click "Series" just above the saved videos to navigate to the series you're interested in!


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