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Best Accessories for Your Knitting Supplies

When I first got into knitting, I thought the supplies list was short and simple: yarn and needles. I quickly discovered I'd need some scissors, and when I learned about weaving in my ends, a darning needle.

It wasn't until I started watching knitting podcasts on YouTube that I learned about alllll the gadgets knitters use and love. And then as I learned about all of the knitting supplies, I learned about all of the accessories for the knitting supplies!

If you're looking to purchase some knitting supplies, be sure to check out my blog post with my top recommendations for your knitting supplies shopping list!

Download your free knitting supplies checklist so you don't forget anything!

To be honest, the accessories for the accessories might be my favorite tools! I've always loved bags and methods of organizing, especially when there are so many cute options!

The main accessories we need for our knitting supplies are to store and organize our needles, our knitting projects, our yarn, and our notions (which basically refers to all of the small little knitting accessories, like scissors, measuring tapes, stitch markers, and progress keepers).

Note: this blog post may contain affiliate links (so, if you purchase using the link, and the product qualifies, I may receive a small monetary compensation for recommending the product; it does not change the cost of the product for you), but I continue to recommend the exact same products that I've always recommended!

Knitting Needles Storage

There are a lot of different ways you can store and organize your needles. A mason jar works great for straight needles and double-pointed needles if you want them out and easy to access! But storing circular needles and interchangeable needles gets a little more tricky. I sewed my knitting needle case, but you can find lots of options on Amazon and Etsy as well. (And for my interchangeable needles, I just use the case that came with them.)

Here are a few of my favorite knitting needle organizers available on the market.

This first knitting needle case includes pockets for storing straight needles, crochet hooks, a few notions, and a few pairs of circular needles. It's great for storing a little of everything! It's available in multiple colors on Amazon for $17 USD.

The second knitting needle case is very similar to what I created for myself. It doesn't protect your needles quite as much, but it is nice and compact. There are multiple fabric options available on Amazon, and you can choose from the 11 inch size ($16 USD) or the 14 inch size ($18 USD). This option also allows you to store straight needles, crochet hooks, a few notions, and a few pairs of circular needles.

The third one is a bit bulkier, but it has better storage options for your circular needles. I would use the zippered pockets for circular needles! It is also available in multiple colors on Amazon for $22 USD.

Knit Picks has a few simple designs that are designed just for knitting needles, and they include a zippered pocket for your little knitting supplies. Their options are a bit more specific, with a double-pointed needles case ($13 USD), an interchangeable needles case ($15 USD), and a needle binder with removeable pouches that are great for storing circular needles or cables from your interchangeable needles ($40 USD)

Joji & Co also designs and creates beautiful, high quality leather handmade knitting needle cases that are specific to storing circular needles, interchangeable needles, and double pointed needles. The prices range from $90 to $120 USD for these products.

Knitting Project Bags

Conveniently, your knitting project bag doesn't have to be nearly as specific as your knitting needles storage! This means that just about any bag will work: a drawstring bag, a zippered pouch, you name it. There are also bags that are made specific for knitting, though, that include individualized compartments for separating balls of yarn, or handles for easily walking and knitting, or even guides for your strands of yarn as you work. A few things you may want to consider as you pick out a knitting project bag are if you'd like to have pockets to store your knitting accessories, phone, pattern, or writing utensil; and if you need your bag to close tightly or not.

If you're looking for a high quality project bag that will last forever, Joji & Co sells beautiful leather bags specifically for knitting. They have bucket bags, totes, zippered pouches, and more.

Nearly all of my project bags have come from sewists that sell knitting project bags on Etsy. A few of my favorite bag makers include QuirkyMondayCrafts in Florida, Hikari Handmade in Montana, and Shop Knitting Nellie, who now uses their own website, in New York. Quirky Monday and Hikari Handmade both have simple bag designs, and Knitting Nellie creates beautiful quilted bags. And while I really like a simple drawstring or zippered bag, there are also some neat knitting project bag designs. Here are a few that I selected from Etsy. (Click on the image to visit the shop on Etsy.)

And if you're looking for a more robust project bag option to store all of the things, there are several knitting project tote bags on Amazon, with a large range of sizes, shapes, and styles. Here I've selected a few of my favorites, including a large tote knitting project bag (with guides for your yarn inside the bag), a cylindrical knitting project bag (which includes guides for your yarn at the top), and a project bag that looks like a purse.

If you're looking for a simple project bag that also includes the guides for your yarn, this zipper pouch on Amazon is just perfect. It includes two yarn guides, and a zippered pocket for storing a few knitting supplies.

zippered knitting project bag pouch with yarn guides

Yarn Bowls

So what if you want a way to hold your yarn while you knit, but the bag just isn't working for you? Yarn bowls are a convenient way to keep your yarn from rolling around on the floor or couch. Just set it on the arm chair, couch, or table while you knit. They even have a couple different options for guiding your yarn. The swirl cut out allows you to take your yarn out of the bowl while you're still working on the project, while the individual holes require you to cut the yarn before removing it from the bowl. The main disadvantage of a yarn bowl to a project bag is that it isn't nearly as easy to bring your project on the go.

The yarn bowl that I have is from Knit Picks and came in my Basic Winding Station kit. Knit Picks has several yarn bowl options, ranging from $13 to $25 USD. Of course, you can also find several yarn bowl options on Amazon, but they are mostly very similar in aesthetic and a similar price point (or more expensive).

Wooden yarn bowl

Knitting Notions Bag

A knitting notions bag is basically a mini project bag for all of your little knitting supplies, like measuring tapes, stitch markers, darning needles, and more. I use a simple zippered pouch that keeps all of my knitting supplies together, and I'm able to stick it in whatever project bag I'm using at the time. However, some knitters like to have multiple notions bags, each with their own set of knitting supplies, so they don't need to remember the notions pouch when they're on the go.

Just about any zippered pouch works perfectly as knitting notions pouch. Knit Picks has several cute zipper pouches, around $10 to $20 USD.

My knitting notions bag came from an Etsy seller. Below I've selected a few of my favorite knitting notions bags from handmade sellers, mostly on Etsy.

And those are all of the accessories that I use for storing my knitting supplies! A knitting needles case, a few knitting project bags, a yarn bowl, and a knitting notions pouch. What is your favorite accessory for knitting accessories? Is there anything else you use in addition to the ideas I've shared here?

If you're looking for additional knitting supplies, be sure to check out my blog post with my top recommendations for your knitting supplies shopping list, and my top knitting needles suggestions for every budget.

Download your free knitting supplies checklist so you don't forget anything!

**Notes About This Blog Post: As an Amazon Associate, and affiliate with Knit Picks, I earn from qualifying purchases. All product photos are the photos from the respective website.


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