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Where the Buffalo Roam Shawl Knitting Pattern: Design Inspiration

A fun and repetitive knit, the Where the Buffalo Roam Shawl pattern is a warm, cozy DK weight shawl perfect for fall and winter. The pattern includes three alternate design options for variety in size and color combinations. It is one of five patterns included in the “My Forever Home Collection,” a collection of knitting patterns inspired my home state: Montana.

Have you ever sat in a wide, open field in the plains of Montana? It's dusty and dirty, but there's a beauty there that you can't describe. It's calm and quiet, and you can see for miles and miles. This is where the buffalo roam.

Where the Buffalo Roam Shawl was inspired by the plains of Montana -- where the buffalo roam. It features a wheat cable motif representing the wheat fields often found in the plains, and garter sections representing the endless plains that seemingly stretch on forever.

I designed this shawl using Explorer Knits' Rockies DK yarn in the Tawny colorway, to represent the deep brown of the buffalo, and Aspens in Fall, a lovely creamy-gray yarn with speckles of golds and browns: the perfect yarn to represent the plains. Where the Buffalo Roam looks great in most solid, tonal, and slightly variegated yarns. Looking for some yarn and color suggestions for your shawl? Check out this blog post.

Learn more about the pattern, and get the links to purchase the pattern, here.


Snickerdoodle Knits
Snickerdoodle Knits
Nov 30, 2020

Thank you so much 🤗💕 Most of my patterns are inspired by something specific (like the plains of Montana where the buffalo roam), and I make style, stitch pattern, and color choices based on that inspiration 😃


Nov 10, 2020

LOVE this one!!! You've really put so much thought into not only your patterns, but also the back stories!!

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