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Remembering Summer Shawl
  • Remembering Summer Shawl





    This is a large, cozy shawl perfect for the frigid winter days when you’re thinking back to warm, beautiful summer days. It is comprised of 6 textures (related to the progression of the seasons) that are separated by garter rows.


    As the days get cooler and shorter, it’s calming to think back to warm, sunshiny days on the beach, surrounded with laughter and love, and relaxing to my heart’s content. This shawl recalls the progression of spring through fall, including seeds, garden rows, rain, sunshine, buds, and blossoms. The Remembering Summer Collection (including the Remembering Summer Scarf and the Remembering Summer Shawl knitting patterns) tell the story ~ through stitches, of course ~ of a beautiful garden. You will begin by creating the seeds that are in a pile ~ in your hand, in a packet, or on the ground ~ and document the progression of that seed as it is planted in the garden, is watered, enjoys the sunshine, is sprouting and budding, and finally when it blooms into a beautiful summer flower. Just as the progression of seasons helps us from getting bored of a single climate, the progression of stitches keep this knit engaging and interesting without being difficult.


    As designed, this shawl is not a summer shawl. Between the dense textures and the cozy yarn that I used, this shawl becomes a chunky, cozy accessory around your neck or a snuggly shlanket wrapped around your shoulders. This is designed as a cozy fall or winter accessory that provides the cheer and warmth of summer.


    This knit is an engaging and interesting asymmetrical triangle that is perfect for an adventurous beginner or any knitter interested in playing with texture and color. This pattern is written using 6 different textures plus sections of garter throughout. Even if you’ve never knit these textures before, don’t feel intimidated; I’ve included technique tutorials in the pattern! You will find the stitches very repetitive. The pattern includes one PDF file with both written and charted instructions, but it is easy to print only the instruction type that you wish to work!


    I hope you embrace the opportunity to play with color in this project, whether you choose to use one color or to use up your yarn scraps. It would be beautiful in tonal or speckled yarn, and your color 1 yarn could even be a fun multi-color scheme.


    If you are interested in learning more about the Remembering Summer Collection, be sure to check out my Behind the Designs blog postAre you lost trying to put together color combinations, or are you looking for an affordable yarn for this project? Don’t miss my Color & Yarn Recommendations blog post!



    One Size Fits All

    Width: 40 inches/102 centimeters
    Length: 57 inches/145 centimeters



    980 yards/900 m, 245 grams of Fingering Weight Yarn

    Designed using Schachenmayr Baby Smiles Bravo Baby 185 yarn.


    A Note on Color: You may choose to assign your colors according to the way you think they will work best together (as I did in my shawl), or you may choose to assign them according to the textures they most closely resemble (as I did in my Remembering Summer Scarf). Whatever you choose, I hope you enjoy this opportunity to play and experiment with color.


    In this shawl, I only used 4 different colors, such that colors 2 & 5, 3 & 6, and 4 & 7 were the same. I have split up the quantities, however, in case you are interested in using a unique color for each texture.


    Color 1: (I used Gray) 50 grams/200 yards
    Color 2: (I used Magenta) 20 grams/80 yards
    Color 3: (I used Teal) 40 grams/160 yards
    Color 4: (I used Coral) 20 grams/80 yards
    Color 5: (I used Magenta again) 25 grams/100 yards
    Color 6: (I used Teal again) 40 grams/160 yards
    Color 7: (I used Coral again) 50 grams/200 yards



    14 stitches, 24 rows = 4 inches/10 centimeters in blocked garter stitch



    US 10 / 6.0 mm knitting needles, minimum 32 in/80 cm long
    Darning needle



    This pattern uses multiple textures, some more complex than others, but none are especially difficult. You may find that a couple of the textures require more attention than the others.

    This pattern uses a large variety of stitch patterns, making it the perfect project for an adventurous beginner interested in learning how to create new stitches. I include linked tutorial videos that will walk you through new techniques that you learn in this pattern. These stitches include knitting and purling stitches together, slipping stitches, and creating yarn over techniques.


    I would like to extend a huge thank you to all of my test knitters and my tech editor for this pattern, Jekaterina Dmitrijeva.


    What the knitters are saying about the pattern:


    “Moving right along. It seems to want to be off the needles.”
    “Love the finished piece. So soft and flowy. Can’t wait for cooler weather”


    This pattern was updated Sep. 19, 2020 to include charted instructions, an updated layout, linked tutorials, and more! This update also uses a different kind of bobble for the sun stitches, so those stitches won’t gall back behind the fabric. The bobbles included in the pattern are shown in the gray and teal sample of the scarf.



    Please do not copy, share, or distribute this pattern, as this pattern design is property of Snickerdoodle Knits. You are welcome to sell the knits that you make using this pattern, but I do ask that you provide credit to Snickerdoodle Knits for the pattern and that you link my pattern on Ravelry when you are selling online. Thank you so much for understanding and for your support!


    I am happy to help with any questions or concerns that you may have regarding the pattern. My contact information is included in the pattern.

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