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Behind the Designs: Remembering Summer Collection

Updated: Feb 22, 2020

Do you associate winter with long, cold, dark, shut-in nights and short, depressing days? The Remembering Summer Collection is here to brighten your days with a warm, cozy shawl and scarf encased with bright, happy memories of summer! My Remembering Summer Collection consists of the Remembering Summer Infinity Scarf and the Remembering Summer Shawl.

Both the Remembering Summer Infinity Scarf and the Remembering Summer Shawl consist of the same seven textures; the scarf is just knit as a rectangle, and the shawl is knit as a triangle. As the days get cooler and shorter, it can be calming to think back to warm, sunshiny days on the beach, surrounded with laughter and love, and relaxing to your heart’s content. This collection recalls the progression of spring through fall, including seeds, garden rows, rain, sunshine, buds, and blossoms. The purpose of this collection is to recall the bright, positive memories of summer when you're living through the dark, notoriously depressing days of winter. This is achieved through the story that is told in the textures of both the shawl and the scarf.

About the Scarf: This project is the perfect stash buster, especially with mini skeins! I used 7 mini skeins of differing colors, but feel free to adjust the color numbers and combinations as you wish. This pattern is easy to adjust in length -- just knit until you want to end that section. An entire section may be omitted if you’d like. This scarf is easily worn with two loops or three loops (as shown at the bottom of this post). For color and yarn inspiration for knitting this design, be sure to visit the Remembering Summer Scarf Yarn & Color Recommendations blog post!

About the Shawl: The shawl is designed as a cozy fall or winter accessory that provides the cheer and warmth of summer. I hope you embrace the opportunity to play with color, whether you choose to use one color or to use up your yarn scraps. It would be beautiful in tonal or speckled yarn, and your color 1 (my gray) could even be a fun multi-color scheme! The styling for this shawl is limitless, with a shawl cuff, with the pointed centered or to the side, or wearing the shawl more like a scarf! For a handful of styling ideas, be sure to visit the pattern on Ravelry here! For yarn and color recommendations, don't miss the Remembering Summer Shawl Yarn & Color Recommendations blog post!

The Textures

Open Fields

The pattern begins with a long section of snowy white empty fields, referring to winter days before gardens have been planted or seeds been sown.

This is the garter section (shown in gray) between each textured section

Opportunity (Sea of Seeds)

The pattern now transitions into a section that resembles a pile of seeds that provide the opportunity for a beautiful and plentiful harvest when provided with the proper conditions.

Potential (Garden Rows)

This section of the pattern looks like garden rows just after the seeds have been planted.

Refreshing (Rain Drops)

This part of the pattern transitions to the rain falling on the newly planted garden rows, settling the dust and providing the refreshing perspective of spring.

Hope (Sunshine)

This section of the pattern resembles the hope of the sun finally popping out and beaming on the field!

Life (Sprouting Buds)

This section of the pattern resembles the life that we see as evidence of the underground work: the seeds have begun to sprout and bud! The plants are still small enough that the field rows are still very apparent.

Beauty (Flower Blossoms)

This section of the pattern represents the beauty in the flowers that bloom and blossom in the summer: the purpose of the entire process!

I hope you enjoy the story told with the Remembering Summer Collection! If you have any questions about the collection, the scarf, or the shawl, feel free to just leave a comment below!!

To purchase both patterns, you can purchase the collection on Ravelry for 15% off the price of both patterns! Or if you're interested in just one of the patterns, you can find the Remembering Summer Scarf on Ravelry, PatternVine, and LoveCrafts; and you can also find the Remembering Summer Shawl on Ravelry, PatternVine, and LoveCrafts.

Are you interested in some yarn and color recommendations for this collection? Be sure to check out the Remembering Summer Scarf blog post and the Remembering Summer Shawl blog post!


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