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Where the Buffalo Roam Shawl

A fun, repetitive knit, the Where the Buffalo Roam Shawl pattern is a warm, cozy DK weight shawl perfect for fall and winter. The pattern includes three alternate design options for variety in size and color combinations - and the option to add fringe!
Where the Buffalo Roam Shawl Knitting Pattern by Snickerdoodle Knits.jpg
Where the Buffalo Roam was designed for adventurous beginners and above. If you're comfortable with knitting and purling and interested in learning how to create increases & cables, you'll love this pattern. Read more about the knitting techniques here.
As designed, the shawl uses 2-3 (100-gram) skeins of DK weight for the main color and 2 skeins for the contrasting color. Learn more about the yarn requirements here.
Where the Buffalo Roam Shawl Knitting Pa
Sitting in a wide, open field in the plains of Montana. It's dusty and dirty, but there's a beauty here that you can't describe. It's calm and quiet, and you can see for miles and miles. This is where the buffalo roam.
Where the Buffalo Roam Shawl is one of five knitting patterns in the "My Forever Home" Collection. The pattern was inspired by the plains of Montana -- where the buffalo roam. It features a wheat cable motif representing the wheat fields often found in the plains, and garter sections representing the endless plains that seemingly stretch on forever.
Design Inspiration
It's a crisp autumn morning. You step outside, breathing in the fresh, cool air that whispers "winter is coming," and a quick shiver runs through your body. Thankfully you have just the accessory for a morning like this: your Where the Buffalo Roam Shawl. Quickly, you run inside, grab your shawl (you always know just where it is!), and return to the porch to sip your morning coffee, snuggled up in the porch swing with your favorite shawl.
​Where the Buffalo Roam Shawl is a large, cozy shawl that will immediately become your new favorite winter accessory. You’ll likely want to wear this yarny hug until spring!
Where the Buffalo Roam Shawl Knitting Pa
Wearing the Shawl
Where the Buffalo Roam Shawl Knitting Pattern by Snickerdoodle Knits.png
It's been a long week. The kids have been bouncing off the walls for three days straight and you need some quiet time alone. It's Saturday afternoon and BOTH kids are finally asleep at the same time. Tired, you fall onto the sofa with your current obsession: your Where the Buffalo Roam Shawl knitting project. It's repetitive, and the stitches are relaxing. You could turn on something to watch while you knit, but you're enjoying the quiet house, so you soak in the peacefulness of the situation and relax into the rhythm of the repeating cables. What a lovely retreat!
Knitting the Shawl
Knitting the Where the Buffalo Roam Shawl is a no-brainer if you love to cable. If you hate cabling, this shawl isn't for you. Never tried cabling before? This is a great project to learn on -- and get lots of practice! Don't let the aesthetic of cables trick you - when I tried cabling for the first time, I found they weren't as difficult as I expected! 
If you're comfortable with knitting and purling, you are ready to knit this pattern. The new-to-you techniques will include cabling and two increase methods: KFB and YO. All of my patterns come with clear, step-by-step (written and charted) instructions with linked video technique tutorials that walk you through the pattern with confidence. I am also available for pattern support if you have questions.
Where the Buffalo Roam Shawl Knitting Pa
Knitting Techniques
Original Design
Shawl Alternate 2 Concept.png
Shawl Alternate 3 Concept.png
Alternate #1
Alternate #2
Where the Buffalo Roam Knitting Pattern
Where the Buffalo Roam Knitting Pattern
Alternate #3
Interested in an extra-large cozy shawl? Or maybe this time you'd rather scale down for a slightly smaller shawl. Curious what the design would look like in three colors instead of two?
This pattern includes instructions for three alternative methods of knitting this shawl design.
Plus, it includes a blank diagram to createe your own version, complete with yarn quantities required for each repeat so you can estimate how much yarn you'll need!
   Width: 60 in / 152 cm
   Depth: 30 in / 76 cm
Yarn (for Original Design)
   614 yds / 560 m; 224 grams DK                 weight yarn for main color
   488 yds / 445 m; 178 grams DK                 weight yarn for contrast color
   Optional 84 yds / 77 m; 31 grams DK         weight yarn in contrast color for           fringe
Designed using Explorer Knits & Fiber Rockies DK in Tawny and Aspens in Fall. Get color & yarn recommendations here.
   3.75 mm (US size 5) – or size needed          to obtain gauge – circular                    needles, 32” (80 cm) minimum              length
   Cable needle
   Darning needle
   5 Removable stitch markers
Where the Buffalo Roam Shawl Knitting Pattern by Snickerdoodle Knits.png
   20 stitches, 22 rows = 4” / 10 cm in           stockinette stitch
   Top down triangular shawl
Patten Specifics

What Knitters Are Saying...

"It was a fun knit and I can't wait to wear it when the weather is cooler!! [...] Loved the Wheat Fields sections!!" - test knitter
"Definitely one of my favorites" - test knitter
"LOVE the design! favorite thing I've ever knit. […] It was so addicting and fun to knit! If I didn't love wearing it I would be sad that it's off my needles." - test knitter
"So much fun to knit this pattern." - test knitter
"I loved knitting this one, If you want a whole wrap around shawl, Alternate 2 is great and large and knits super cozy for the fall/winter season. Absolutely loved knitting this design, love how it needs focus but is also easy to just keep going, honestly I didn't realize when I finished it." - test knitter
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