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Hustle & Bustle Hat

Fun, simple, and the perfect pattern for your “busy” hand dyed yarns. Hustle and Bustle is inspired by the “random chaos” of the city, of people running to and fro. It features a fun, “random” (but repeated) purl texture that adds interest and dimension to your simple knit but allows the yarn to be the true star of the knit.
Hustle and Bustle Hat Knitting Pattern.p
The techniques used in this pattern are simplistic: knits and purls in the round with just one type of decrease. This is a perfect project for a beginner knitter who is interested in learning how to work in the round. More information on techniques can be found here.

Yarn requirements differ based on size, but all sizes use less than 50 grams of fingering weight yarn. For more information on yarn requirements, click here.

Hustle and Bustle Hat Knitting Pattern.p
City life is a bit different than country life, and to an outsider it may feel chaotic, overwhelming, and disorganized. But within the city, each person is on a path to somewhere, with a defined destination, a clear plan, and a specific purpose. Paths cross, and each continues on their way. It is only when you look at the combination of all of the paths that it begins to appear random, chaotic, and overwhelming.

The Hustle and Bustle Hat was designed to reflect that: a series of clearly defined paths that, when combined, appear random and chaotic.
Design Inspiration
The Hustle and Bustle Hat is one of four fingering weight knitting patterns with the A New Home Collection inspired by my new home: North Carolina. This collection is in contrast to the My Forever Home Collection, which was inspired by my home state: Montana.
The Hustle and Bustle Hat is specifically inspired by living in Charlotte, a city with a metro population of more than double the population of the entire state of Montana!
It's a chilly day, but not a cold day. It's not a blizzard outside, it's not even snowing; it's just "nippy." It's the kind of day where you need *just* enough to cover your ears for a brisk walk outside, but it's *definitely* not cold enough to pull out your cozy warm winter hat. (If you pulled out your sherpa-lined hat, people would look at you a little funny.)
The hat you always turn to on days like this is your Hustle and Bustle Hat. It's lightweight, cute, and simplistic. You have the hat in five different colors, using yarn from each of your absolute favorite indie yarn dyers, plus one in gray (because, you know, practicality and matching). 
Hustle and Bustle Hat Knitting Pattern.p
Wearing the Shawl
Hustle and Bustle Hat Knitting Pattern.p

"I can't knit another stockinette hat in my life," you sigh to yourself, but you're DYING to use that fun hand dyed yarn that's been sitting on the shelf forever because it's "too busy" for most designs. It doesn't work with cables, or lace, or any clearly defined texture. So it just sits, waiting.


Waiting for a design that isn't boring (*cough* plain stockinette) and at the same time doesn't try to steal the show.


Well, that yarn doesn't have to wait any more! The "random" texture of the Hustle and Bustle Hat isn't expecting to be the star of the show. It's relatively subtle but adds dimension and interest to the project... and makes the knit fun!

Knitting the Shawl

Knitting the "random" texture (spoiler alert: it's not actually random; the texture is repeated) is fun, simplistic, engaging, and quick.  It’s the perfect design for the beautiful “busy” hand dyed yarns: speckled, variegated, and highly colored. (It also looks great in a solid or tonal!)

The Hustle and Bustle Hat is very simplistic: knits, purls, and decreases (for the crown). It is a great pattern for an easy knit or for a beginner wanting to practice knitting in the round.
All of my patterns include clear, step-by-step (written and charted) instructions with linked video technique tutorials that walk you through the pattern with confidence and joy. I am also available for pattern support if you have questions.
Hustle and Bustle Hat Knitting Pattern.p
Knitting Techniques

   (Child, Teen) (Small Adult, Medium         Adult, Large Adult)

   Fits Head Circumference*: (20, 21)             (22, 23, 24) in / (51, 53.5) (56,             58.5, 61) cm

   Hat Circumference: (18, 19) (20, 21,           22) in / (45.5, 48) (50, 52.5, 54.5)         cm

   Hat Height: (7.5, 8) (8.5, 8.5, 9) in /         (19, 20) (21, 22, 23) cm

   (94, 102) (115, 124, 138) yds / (86, 93)         (105, 113, 126) m; (22, 23) (26, 28,         32) grams Fingering weight yarn
Designed using Livin Vivid Yarn MCN Fingering in the Trance colorway. Get color & yarn recommendations here.
   22 stitches, 28 rounds = 4” / 10 cm             stockinette stitch with larger                 needle size
   Bottom up, in the round
Hustle and Bustle Hat Knitting Pattern.p

   3.75 mm (US size 5), or one size               smaller than size needed to obtain         gauge, circular needles, minimum         16 in / 40 cm long

   4.0 mm (US size 6), or size needed to         obtain gauge, circular needles,             minimum 16 in / 40 cm long;               double pointed needles optional             for decreases

   Darning needle

   8 removable stitch markers, optional

Patten Specifics

What Knitters Are Saying...

"Easy knit and fast." - test knitter
"It was a great pattern, easy and fast to knit." - test knitter
"Very [aesthetically pleasing]! It really does suit a "busy" yarn, and I love the hint of texture. " - test knitter
"I like that the purls in the body of the hat appear random, but it's also easy to spot mistakes while knitting." - test knitter
"I found it very well written and easy to follow. [...] I really enjoyed making this and will be making a second for my other daughter.." - test knitter
"it's logical and extremely thorough." - test knitter
"It’s a great pattern, good fit and great for gifts!!" - test knitter
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