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Hustle and Bustle Hat Knitting Pattern: Yarn Recommendations

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

Did you purchase the Hustle and Bustle Hat knitting pattern, but now you're struggling to decide what yarn to use for it? Continue reading for color recommendations using Livin Vivid Yarn yarn (that's the yarn that I used), for affordable yarn recommendations, and for a list of resources to search for other yarns that will work for the pattern!

Super lightweight, the Hustle and Bustle Hat is a simple and quick fingering weight hat to knit for the transitional seasons. It features a "random" texture that creates a fun aesthetic without having a busy patterning.

I designed the hat using Livin Vivid Yarn’s MCN Fingering base in the Trance colorway. It creates such a fun, vibrant, and colorful piece of artwork -- perfect for representing the hustle and bustle of city life! The hat looks great in just about any yarn -- solid, tonal, speckled, variegated... The only yarn that might not quite look right is a self-striping yarn that would create obvious but narrow stripes.

(Learn more about the design inspiration here.)

Note: All yarn images are from the credited websites.

The color that I used for the design was Trance, a wonderfully fun and vibrant colorway ~ a perfect representation of the city lights.

Livin Vivid Yarn Colors

The Hustle and Bustle Hat design is so versatile you could select any colorway from Livin Vivid Yarn's lineup, and this hat would turn out so fun! However, I've selected a handful of colors to give a sample of colors that I would pair with the Hustle and Bustle Hat pattern, including some solids, some speckles, and some multi-color options. Just click on the image to view the colorway in Livin Vivid's shop!

Alternative Yarns List

Can't afford hand-dyed yarn? I completely understand! That is A-OK! Here I've selected a list of more affordable fingering weight yarns that would also work with this design! (Note: I am not affiliated with any of the links -- I am just providing this list for your reference.)

I've provided a few bits of information on each yarn for your own comparison. All prices shown are USD and do not account for shipping costs. The list is ordered from least expensive to most expensive per gram. For the sake of comparison, I've written everything in terms of 100 grams. The yarns with yardages and fiber content most similar to the yarn that I used typically create the most similar fabrics to the original design.

The yarn that I used was: 80% Superwash Merino, 10% Cashmere, 10% Nylon; 435 yds /100 grams

80% Acrylic, 10% Polyamide,10% Mohair; 447 yds/100 grams; $5.87/100 grams

88% Acrylic, 7% PBT, 5% Glitter; 448 yds/100 grams; $5.99/100 grams

75% wool/25% polyamide; 460 yds/100 grams; $7.90/100 grams

75% Wool, 25% Nylon; 436 yds/100 grams; $10.98/100 grams

75% Merino/25% Nylon; 462 yds/100 grams; $11.98/100 grams

100% wool; 440 yds/100 grams; $13/100 grams

75% Merino/25% Silk; 440 yds/100 grams; $15.98/100 grams

To perform your own search for affordable yarns, here are a couple places to start:

Have you made a yarn selection for your Hustle and Bustle Hat? If so, what have you chosen? Melanie and I would love to hear about it in the comments below, on Instagram (be sure to tag @snickerdoodleknits and @livinvividyarn), and on Ravelry (link your yarn and pattern on your project page)!

Also -- if you're knitting the hat before January 31st, 2020, be sure to join the North Carolina KAL and share a photo of your yarn there as well!!

Learn more about the Hustle and Bustle Hat knitting pattern here.


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