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Community for Knit and Crochet Pattern Designers Focusing on Collaboration + Education

Have you heard about the Design Circle?! It's a brand new group that I just launched for knit and crochet pattern designers.

Our knitting and crochet communities are filled with hundreds of indie designers, but there aren't a lot of resources available for these pattern designers to (1) connect and collaborate, and (2) learn how to run their pattern design business. I was frustrated about that, so I decided to do my little part to help fix that!

The Design Circle was created for knit and crochet pattern designers to connect with other designers, feel confident in their work, and grow their business.

Note: The Founding Member's Launch (the first launch of the Design Circle) has already sold out. But, don't fret, you can get on the waitlist to know when the doors open again!

Feeling Frustrated and Alone as a Knit or Crochet Pattern Designer?

As we're working on our pattern design businesses, it's easy to start feeling frustrated and lonely... and then get overwhelmed with comparisonitis.

I've created the Design Circle to introduce you to a supportive community of fellow designers and make all of the resources (and answers) that you need readily available to you.

So many of the designers that have already joined the Design Circle have mentioned that this is their first time to feel like they belong, and they are so excited to collaborate with rather than feel like they are in competition with other designers.

Crochet and Knitting Pattern Design Support, Collaboration + Resources

The Design Circle is centered around three core pillars: support, collaboration, and resources. Inside the Design Circle, I connect you with a community that is constantly supporting you, opportunities to collaborate and grow your business, and resources that give you direction both in designing and in running a small business.

This includes access to:

  • a Discord server with several chat threads for communicating with the community

  • small accountability groups for in-depth and individualized support with goals, achievements, and setbacks

  • design challenges (creativity bursts and design alongs) to inspire creativity, eliminate design ruts, and design alongside other designers

  • two monthly guest speakers: one specific to designing, and one specific to business (including marketing, mindset, and more)

Pattern Design Challenges

There will be two formats for the design challenges. One will be a creativity burst that will inspire several design ideas. The other will be an opportunity to bring one design idea to fruition. Creativity Bursts: There will be two Creativity Burst Challenges per year. Each challenge will be one week long and will encourage you to develop at least one design idea per day, based on a given theme. Design A Long: There will be one Design A Long per year. This will be your opportunity to create a whole design from start to finish alongside fellow designers. There will be regular Zoom check-in calls where you can share progress and get real-time design support. The Design A Long is a great opportunity to push yourself to try something new -- and you know you'll have a group of designers to lean on for extra support!

Expert Guest Speakers for Crochet and Knitting Pattern Design Business Owners

There will be two guest speakers within the Design Circle each month. One guest speaker will be specific to running a business, and the other guest speaker will be specific to designing. The guest speakers will share their expert knowledge in the areas that you're struggling with, including: --> Marketing, branding, and owning a business --> Showing up on social media and getting found online --> Inclusive grading --> Self-publishing & publishing with a third party --> Creating connections with yarn companies All guest speaker sessions will be recorded, and the replay videos will be available to you as long as you are a member of the Design Circle. Fall 2021 guest speaker topics include:

  • "Getting Seen in a Saturated Market and Promoting Yourself" with Michelle Knight of Brandmerry

  • "Overcoming Perfectionism as a Business Owner" with Joeli Kelly of Joeli Kelly

  • "How to Show Up Online as a Business Owner" with Kinsey of Feel Good Social

  • "Writing a Clear Pattern + the Basics of Grading" with Julie Robinson of Julie At Work

  • "Optimizing Your Collaborations with Yarn Dyers"

  • "The Ins and Outs of Working with a Tech Editor" with Sarah Walworth + Kristina McGrath of Tech Tip Talk

Winter 2022 guest speaker topics include:

  • "Branding: Brand Theory, How Brands are Created, and How to Look at Your Brand" with Dr. Tricia Farwell of Middle Tennessee State University

  • "Attracting Your Ideal Client"

  • "Keeping Motivated, Finding Your Tribe, and Staying Authentic to Your Brand"

  • "Understanding Fit of Garments" with Sarah Walworth of Sarah Walworth

  • "Sizing with Spreadsheets" with Sarah Krentz of Swanky Emu Knits

If you're a crochet or knitting pattern designer looking for support to grow as a designer and business, we'd love to have you inside the Design Circle!

Note: Seats are limited, and doors are open for a limited time, so be sure to join the Design Circle waitlist to know when doors open again!


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