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Cozy in the Mountains Mittens Knitting Pattern: Yarn Recommendations

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

Are you in love with the Cozy in the Mountains Mittens pattern but not sure what yarn to use? Continue reading for color recommendations using Leo & Roxy Yarn Co yarn (the yarn that I used), affordable yarn suggestions, and a list of resources to search for other yarns that will work for the pattern!

A fun, simplistic pattern, the Cozy in the Mountains Mittens are thick, warm, and cozy. The design is minimalistic with a touch of interest using a large off-centered cable on the back of each hand. The knit is very quick and enjoyable, making it a perfect gift knit.

I designed the mittens using Leo & Roxy Yarn Co’s cozy super bulky* weight yarn in the Monet colorway. So pretty! It includes a soft blend of purples, blues, and white, perfectly representing the mountains. The mittens look great in most solid, tonal, and lightly speckled or variegated yarns. The main thing to remember when selecting your yarn is that the darker and/or the busier the yarn is, the more it will hide the cables.

*If you're purchasing a different brand of super bulky yarn, please pay attention to the specifics of the Leo & Roxy base. It is a bit thicker than some super bulky yarns.

(Learn more about the inspiration behind the design here.)

Leo & Roxy Yarn Co Colors

Leo & Roxy Yarn Co carries a beautiful array of colors, many of which would make for a beautiful pair of Cozy in the Mountains Mittens. Here is a list of their current collection of Super Bulky weight yarns. They will all work well with the pattern, but do note that the last three are more likely to hide some of the cable detail due to their bright nature and color variations. Just click on the photo to browse that color in the Leo & Roxy shop!

Note: The following yarn images are from the credited websites

Alternative Yarns List

Can't afford hand-dyed yarn? I completely understand! That is A-OK! Here I've selected a list of more affordable super bulky weight yarns that should also work with this design! (Note: I am not affiliated with any of the links -- I am just providing this list for your reference. I have also not worked with any of the yarns. These suggestions are purely from some internet searching.)

I've provided a few bits of information on each yarn for your own comparison. All prices shown are USD and do not account for shipping costs. The list is ordered from least expensive to most expensive per gram. For the sake of comparison, I've written everything in terms of 100 grams. The yarns with yardages and fiber content most similar to the yarn that I used typically create the most similar fabrics to the original design. Also note that the amount of yarn in a Leo and Roxy super bulky skein can vary.

The yarn that I used was: 100% Superwash 17 micron Merino; my skein had approximately 127 yds in 230 g, or 55 yds/100 grams

100% Acrylic; 57 yards/100 grams; $3.73/100 grams

100% Acrylic; 50 yds/100 grams; $4.98/100 grams

80% Acrylic 20% Superwash Wool; 44 yds/100 grams; $4.99/100 grams

100% Wool; 44 yds/100 grams; $4.99/100 grams

100% Superwash Highland Wool; 55yds/100 grams; $8/100 grams

100% Acrylic; 57 yds/100 grams; $8.72/100 grams

100% Superwash Highland Wool; 60 yds/100 grams; $10.67/100 grams

100% Extra Fine Superwash Merino Wool; 55 yds/100 grams; $11.99/100 grams

100% Merino Wool; 60yds/100 grams; $14.67/100 grams

To perform your own search for affordable yarns, here are a couple places to start:

Have you made a yarn selection for your Cozy in the Mountains Mittens? If so, what have you chosen? I would love to hear about it in the comments below, on Instagram (be sure to tag @snickerdoodleknits and, and on Ravelry (link your yarn and pattern on your project page)!

Learn more about the Cozy in the Mountains Mittens knitting pattern here.


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