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Cozy Winters Cowl Knitting Pattern: Design Inspiration

Cozy and lightweight, the Cozy Winters Cowl is a simple to knit and simple to wear cowl. It features a faded texture that is most dense at the bottom of the cowl. The Cozy Winters Cowl is one of five knitting patterns in the “My Forever Home” Collection, a collection of knitting patterns inspired by my home state, Montana.

Let me set up the scene for you.

It was an ordinary Tuesday morning. You plopped down in your office chair at approximately 7:59 am after an uneventful commute to work. Fall weather in Montana can be a bit unpredictable, but today the sun is shining bright, just a handful of large puffy clouds spot the deep blue sky, and it looks like it’ll be a calm day.

That is, until you hear a howl of wind as you look at the clock: 9:01 am. Outside, the wind is swirling light flakes of snow. It’s only been 1 hour and 2 minutes, and the weather has changed so drastically; what’s the rest of the day going to bring? It could turn into a full-blown blizzard, or it might just sputter out a few flakes, and the bright blue sky will return again; it’s hard to say, because it’s already winter in Montana.

Cozy Winters was inspired by winter weather in Montana: one moment it’s heavily snowing, and the next the sky is clear. The cowl includes seven sections representing the varying snow levels of Montanan winters: Whiteout, Blizzard, Snowstorm, Snow, Flurries, Snowflakes, and Clear Skies (from bottom to top). This creates a faded texture that provides interest to the design and the knitting. Once the cowl is complete, you can see the snow falling from the sky (at the top of the cowl) and accumulating on the ground (at the bottom of the cowl).

I designed the cowl using Polka Dot Sheep’s cozy Stumptown DK weight yarn in the Night King colorway. It creates a lovely palette of whites, grays, and blues: precisely the colors of a snowstorm! The cowl looks great in most solid, tonal, and variegated yarns. Looking for some yarn and color suggestions for your Cozy Winters Cowl? Check out this blog post.

The Cowl is then polished off with an I-cord bind off, helping it to lay flat and look more tidy. Learn more about the pattern, and get the links to purchase the pattern here.


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