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Gracefully Shawl Knitting Pattern Design Inspiration

Gracefully, a fun to knit textured triangular shawl designed by Snickerdoodle Knits (that's me!), is now available for purchase, and I'm so excited to share all about the "behind the design" inspiration for the shawl. The Gracefully Shawl was originally designed for the Tippy Tree Yarns Grace Kelly shawl MKAL of July 2021. Tiffany, the dyer behind Tippy Tree Yarns, asked me to design a shawl that represented Grace Kelly, and gave me the yarn (four 50 gram skeins of fingering weight) and an inspiration photo.

The photos of Grace showed elegance and simplicity. I knew the shawl needed to be stunning, but it wasn't calling for open lacework. Instead, it needed a bit of texture and personality that would create a beautiful accessory for dressing up a simple outfit.

I knew right away that this shawl was going to be all about texture. Initially I picked three textures to try out for the design. But as I worked the swatch up, I knew the parachute lace just wasn’t what I was looking for. So I started the design with just the first two stitch motifs (slip stitch honeycomb and trellis stitch) and feeling uncertain about the direction it would take next.

{Usually I like to have the whole design planned before I start knitting, but I had a tight-ish deadline to meet and had to just get started.}


As I worked it up, I really wanted to include some bobbles. The design just needed a texture that was broken up a bit and circular - not linear. But I wasn't sure if bobbles would fit the style.


I started working up the bobbles and they were just too perfect! (I also noticed they fit with the inspiration photo of Grace in a white dress with big blue circles!) I knew they were meant for the design, but I also knew that many knitters don’t like bobbles. And this was first and foremost a mystery knit along, so no one would know they were getting themselves into bobbles beforehand!

I consulted Tiffany, the yarn dyer behind the mystery knit along (MKAL), and she said they, including herself, could deal with it since it looks so good! So I did it.


And I don’t regret it one bit! I absolutely love the outcome of the design! And even better yet, several of the MKAL knitters said this forced them to learn how to make bobbles… and they enjoyed it! Plus a few of the MKAL knitters that don’t enjoy bobbles got creative and made their own modifications, including beads, stockinette, and modified bobbles, which I absolutely love!

Will you be working the pattern as-is, or will you be adding your own modifications? In the pattern I also give the recommendation to use your leftover yarn for tassels or fringe. I opted for tassels and absolutely love them!

Learn more about the Gracefully Shawl knitting pattern, and get the links to purchase the pattern here.


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