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Indie Design Gift-A-Long for Knitting and Crochet Patterns

Are you a knitter or crocheter looking to knit for the holiday season and wanting to hang out with other fibery friends? Let me introduce you to the Indie Design Gift-A-Long (GAL), an event held through the end of December on Ravelry.

Side Note: Can't use Ravelry? View this spreadsheet to find the participating designers on other platforms.

The Indie GAL brings together knitters and crocheters from all over the world to support indie designers and create a community filled with fun and knitting/crocheting. In order to participate in the event for prizes, you must knit or crochet a pattern from a participating designer (there are 250 in total, so you have options!). The event starts off with a week-long sale (November 23-30, 2020) for 25% off select patterns.

Once you have your patterns picked out (or even while you're still deciding!), you can join multiple chat threads, including a huge chat with lots of talking going on, a “slow lane” chat, and a chat for each of 8 different categories (i.e. shawls, hats, sweaters, etc).

In the chat, you can chat about everything from Thanksgiving dinner to the yarn you’ll use for your GAL project. There’s also some helpful enablers that will help you find a pattern for your yarn!

A fun and unique feature for the GAL are the games and challenges, such as Designer Alphabet Soup, where a designer’s name is jumbled up and you guess who it is; and a Designer Hunt where you guess a certain pattern (based on clues) from a participating designer. The ultimate challenge, called an Opadoo, is to knit/crochet one item from each of the KAL/CAL categories!

A few more details that you might be interested in....

There is a thread specific to listing out the participating designers in the event. Here you will find a photo from each designer with a sampling of their work. They look a bit like my photo below.

There is also a Ravelry bundle that includes all of the patterns (there's over 20,000!) that are eligible for prizes. It's great if you have an idea of what you're looking for and use the Ravelry filter options. Otherwise, it can feel a bit overwhelming! What I've done to help with that overwhelm is that I created a list of over 50 of my favorite patterns that I've found in the bundle (and I didn't even make it all the way through the bundle...).

Here I've split up my list by category. The numbers start in the first row, moving left to right before moving down to the far left of the next row. You can also click each photo to view the Ravelry pattern page. See a design style that you love? I recommend also looking into more work by that designer!


1: Filigree Slouch by Woolly Wormhead

2: Winterspring II by handmade by SMNE

3: Tracery by handmade by SMNE

4: Woolly Lousewort by Alexandria Wenninger

5: Iralai Toque by Carolyn Lisle

6: Hecate by Woolly Wormhead


1: Modern Mocs by Bekah Knits

2: One Way or Another by Petra Machova Kourilova

3: Plox Socks by Aud Bergo

4: Wheat by Faye Kennington

5: Ripple by Anna Johanna

6: Autumnal Socks by Snickerdoodle Knits

7: Meta by Kino Knits

8: Slip Slide Splash by Megan Williams

9: Staigri Socks by KnitJoyz

Scarves & Cowls

1: Voyager Infinity Scarf by Stana D.Sortor

2: Ridges & Eyelets with a Twist Cowl by Kelene Kinnersly

3: Jasmine by Christelle Nihoul

4: Primo Cowl by Galzanne Knits

5: Sightseer Cowl by Juliana Lustenader

6: LUMI SCARF by Lori Wagner


1: Monochrome Mitts by Ella Austin

2: Loch Lomond by Kendra Hope

3. Jaye Mitts by Amy van de Laar

4. My Rainbow Heart by Stephanie Lotven

5. Along the Shores Fingerless Mitts by Snickerdoodle Knits

6. Counterbalance by Stephanie Lotven


1: Wild Honeysuckle Shawl by Helen Gipson

2: Harvest Dreams Wrap by Sarah Schira

3: Bhakti by Nidhi Kansal

4: Lionheart Shawl by Gabrielle Vezina

5: Barkha by Nidhi Nidhi Kansal

6: Taina's Arrow by Eeva Kesakuu

7: Bahamas Dream Shawl by Sugar Woolly

8: Copper Pennies Shawl by Kelene Kinnersly

9: Trust Shawl by Snickerdoodle Knits

Kids & Blankets

1: Knit Me A Shrug by Gabrielle Danskknit

2: Coming Home Cardigan by Aimee Alexander

3: Pacific Coast by Gabrielle Danskknit

4: With Open Heart by Nailya Plaskey

5: TAK by Gabrielle Danskknit

6: Albert's Blankie by Allison O'Mahony


1: Libellula by Cristina Ghirlanda

2: Cadenza by Cristina Ghirlanda

3: Cascade Falls by Amanda Scheuzger

4: Avix by Jennifer Dassau

5: Almandite by Hanna Maciejewska


1: Bagamoyo by Kathryn Folkerth

2: Aarni by Anna Johanna

3: Mrs Grimmet's Weskit

4: Fino by Hanna Maciejewska

5: Breathe Easy by Nidhi Kansal

6: Gezelligheid and Cadena by bunnymuff - Mona Zillah

7: Dripping Honey by Anna Johanna

Are you feeling inspired? What do you plan to cast on? I'm seriously considering the Fino Sweater or the Modern Mocs!

Follow the Indie Gift Along on Instagram (there's a challenge with prompts!) and join the main event on Ravelry. Hope to see you there!

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