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Knitting and Mindset Chat

Usually knitting is a meditative activity we use to find a sense of calming and peace, but what do you do when you discover anxiety and frustration building around your craft?

Have you ever felt:

• embarrassed or ashamed of a project because it wasn’t perfect?

• unable to master the new skill you’re trying to learn?

• left out because you can’t attend all of the fiber festivals or purchase all of the fancy yarn?

• imposter syndrome because you struggled with comparing your journey to that of your fellow makers?

If you have ever felt any of these {very real} emotions, you don’t want to miss out on my Knitting and Mindset Chat with @Tani_Morgan on Tuesday, May 4th! We will be talking about all of the above topics plus tips on increasing your overall self-confidence, self-worth, and mindset; and Tani will answer any of your questions that you have during the chat!

It’s completely free to attend the live call for all Snickerdoodle Knits Community members, and the replay will be available for all paying members in the Community!

So mark your calendar, and if you’re not already a SK Community member, join here for free today, and you will find the Knitting and Mindset chat in a special thread in the General Discussions section! I can’t wait to chat all things mindset and knitting with you and Tani next week!


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