Knitting, In This Time of Uncertainty

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

What Are You Focusing On?

We are all keenly aware of the uncertainty and hardship that is around us and within us, but how are we responding to it?

I whole-heartedly believe that our response to a situation can entirely change the way that we perceive the experience. For example, if I respond with fear and panic, I will quickly become exhausted and miserable. If I respond with hope for the future and a desire to see good in even the worst of situations, I can find growth in myself and beauty around me.* I think one of the most prominent "good" examples right now is how communities, families, and friends are coming closer together via virtual mediums. At least for me, I have been more social in the last month than I have been in a long time! Those of us that are crafters and knitters also have something special that we can turn to for some joy and comfort.

Guiding Principles

As I was contemplating how I am thinking, feeling, acting, and responding to the world right now, I realized just how applicable my Guiding Principles Shawl Collection (designed for the New Year) is to this experience. These are exactly the same principles that I think are useful today: hope, trust, patience, and endurance.

Hope for the future, for things to get better.

Trust that something good will come out of this.

Patience as we do our little part, waiting for things to get better.

Endurance through the hard days.

A Gift to Help You

(Plus, a little secret: there are more gifts at the end of this post!)

In an effort to encourage you to seek what brings you peace, comfort, hope and joy, I am offering 30% off of each of my Guiding Principles Collection patterns. I truly hope that, as you knit these shawls, you will find a sense of grounding and be reminded of the valuable things in your life. Just enter the coupon code GUIDINGPRINCIPLES2020 at checkout from my Ravelry shop! You are welcome to use the coupon code as many times as you'd like, but it is only available on the single patterns (not the collection as a whole). If you think that one (or all) of these patterns is just what a friend is needing right now, you can also use the code when gifting the pattern! View the Collection Patterns on Ravelry!

Shawls Included in the Collection

Endurance Shawl

If your comfort knitting is looking simplistic, mindless, and squishy, the Endurance Shawl is exactly what you are looking for!

Hope Shawl

The Hope Shawl captures the essence of hope: lively, calming, uplifting, and freeing. This design is comprised of open, simple textures that are a joy to knit and easy to memorize. If you're looking for a simple knit more interesting than garter stitch, let the Hope Shawl remind you of what gives you hope and fills you with enthusiasm!

  • A lightweight crescent shawl created with a simple 2-row lace repeat and accents of garter stitch.

  • Designed using 2 skeins of fingering weight yarn (Barley base at Six and Seven Fiber).

  • Looking for color recommendations or yarn suggestions? Visit my Hope Shawl Color Inspiration blog post for some ideas!

Trust Shawl

  • The Trust Shawl originates from my desire to trust that everything will work out, that good can come out of every situation, and that it is ok to relax. If you're looking for simplistic techniques but something that will require a little attention, the Trust Shawl fits the bill! It is designed as a ¾ shawl, representative of a big hug that you can trust on for comfort and coziness.

  • A large, warm, cozy 3/4 shawl using 2 simple knit-purl textures.

  • Designed using 3 skeins of DK weight yarn -- Arctic DK from Native Fibers.

  • For more color and yarn recommendations for your Trust Shawl, visit my Trust Shawl Color Inspiration blog post!

Patience Shawl

If you're looking for a distraction via a more complex pattern that requires your full attention, the Patience Shawl is the answer to your quest! The lace motifs encourage you to slow down, enjoy the details, and press forward with patience.

More Gifts

As I mentioned earlier in this post, I have even more gifts for you!

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