Love Yourself Shawl: Design Inspiration

My Love Yourself Shawl has just been released, and you may be wondering why the name, why the hearts, why donate to a mental health non-profit organization. If those are your questions, you are in the right place!!

(Note: The pattern is available on Ravelry, PatternVine, and LoveCrafts.)

The Basics

This pattern is easily customized and written as a 1-skein shawlette and as a 2-skein shawl (shown below). 15% of its proceeds from February 2020 will go to Anxiety and Depression Association of America.

Why the Hearts?

I have always loved anything with hearts, so when I came across a heart stitch motif in a stitch dictionary, I knew I had to design a heart-themed shawl.  Right away, I decided I'd be releasing the design around Valentine's Day, and I wanted to use Marianated Yarns. I planned to use a solid pink color, but Marian recommended this beautiful tonal color (Rose Quartz), and it was perfect!

After multiple swatches, heavily modifying the heart motif, including flipping it upside down and mostly inside out, and altering multiple other factors of the shawl design, Love Yourself Shawl was born!

Why the Name?

This shawl is named Love Yourself Shawl, because that name perfectly describes my mission with this shawl: to inspire you to love yourself.

For many of us, it is very hard to convince ourselves that we are worth an investment — time, money, etc — so I’m releasing this shawl with a plea to do something for yourself just because YOU. ARE. WORTH. IT.  Maybe it’s allowing yourself to enjoy a hot bath, or knitting a project just for you, buying your favorite “fancy” yarn (like this yarn that I used with 10% cashmere!), or wearing an elegant outfit with your favorite hand knit. Whatever it is that you hold back on, whatever self-care means to you, just do it for you. Love yourself and show yourself that you care.

It doesn’t matter what you look like, how others perceive you, how popular you are, or how you dress. What really, truly matters is that you find your own self worth, that you love yourself, and that what kindles your flame of life is from within. You are the only person you will live with every moment of your life, so show yourself some love!