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Lovely Heart Dishcloth: Yarn & Color Recommendations

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

My Lovely Heart Dishcloth pattern is a simple heart dishcloth that I released in celebration of Valentine’s Day. You may purchase the pattern on Ravelry, Payhip, or LoveCrafts, or have the free PDF sent to your email.

The yarn that I used for my Lovely Heart Dishcloth samples is Lily Sugar 'n Cream solids and Lily Sugar 'n Cream ombre. This is a 100% cotton worsted weight yarn. Really, any of the colors would work well with the Lovely Heart Dishcloth pattern, but in this post I'll share a few colors that I would love to use, as well as recommend some other cotton yarns that would also work well with this pattern!

Color Suggestions

The colors that I used are Red (the solid red color) and Strawberry (the ombre pink and white color). Some other color recommendations that I have are:

Solids: Teal, Sage, Hot Purple, Hot Pink, Hot Blue

Ombre: Moondance, Potpourri, Mistletoe Green, Ahoy, Fruit Punch

Yarn Recommendations

In this section I've included only 100% cotton yarn. I've organized these yarn recommendations from cheapest to most expensive, per gram.

Note: I am not affiliated with any of the yarns that I suggest; I am only providing a reference of suggestions for the knitters who wish to knit my pattern. All photos are from the websites I have linked in this post. All prices are listed in USD and do not include shipping.

For the sake of comparison:

Weight: 70.9 grams/120 yards

Price: $1.99

Weight: 100 grams/180 yards

Price: $3.79

Aqua Sparkle, Antique Cream, Rosy, Strawberry Violet, Pistache, Banana

Weight: 50 grams/82 yards

Price: $2.70

Weight: 200 grams/371 yards

Price: $19.00

Deep Dive, Spring, Hyacinth

Weight: 100 grams/150 yards

Price: $15.50

Honeydew, Dandelion, Indigo, Thistle, Lotus, Jasper

Weight: 100 grams/153 yards

Price: $17.30

Sea Holly, Lady Slipper, Cottonwood

Have you chosen your yarn and color(s)?! I'd love to hear all about it on Instagram, Ravelry, and/or the comments below! Let me know if you found this resource helpful, and tag me in your makes online!

To perform your own search for affordable yarns, here are a couple places to start your search:

Interested in seeing more Lovely Heart Dishcloth finished projects? Be sure to check out the projects made by other knitters here on Ravelry!

Interested in purchasing/downloading the pattern? The pattern is available as a downloadable PDF here or for purchase on Ravelry, Payhip, and LoveCrafts!

Happy Knitting!!

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