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Meet the Indie Yarn Dyers with Snickerdoodle Knits

You missed out on the live chats, but it's ok, because there's a replay for each of them!

Last month, in celebration of Snickerdoodle Knits' second designiversary, I hosted a handful of indie yarn dyers (that I'd collaborated with over the past two years) on my Instagram account. It was basically a relaxed hour-long knitting podcast that took place every Tuesday and Friday evening.

We talked about my knitting pattern designs, their beautiful hand dyed yarns, and a bit about our business stories, crafts, knitting, yarn dyeing, and more! I asked each dyer about the story behind their business, their favorite colorways, how they name their bases, what's coming up, and so much more. Be sure to watch each video to the end to learn about new releases coming up, more collaborations, and even a fun yarny challenge!

You can find all of the live replays on my Instagram IGTV -- they're all saved in the Yarn Dyer Chats series, or you can watch the individual replays using the links below. They're each about an hour long, so settle in with your favorite cozy beverage and knitting!

Six & Seven Fiber Chat with Rachel Colorado

Tippy Tree Yarns Chat with Tiffany in Colorado

Queen City Yarn Chat with Janis in North Carolina

Birch Hollow Fibers Chat with Robin in New York

Running on Yarn Chat with Laura in Wyoming

Knitty Gritty Fibers Chat with Magda in North Carolina

Hearts on Fiber Chat with Kim in North Carolina

If you listen through the video replays before May 15th (2021), be sure to also answer the trivia questions in the Snickerdoodle Knits Knit-Along for a chance to win some hand dyed yarn! Also - I'd love to hear what your favorite part about the yarny chats was! Should I bring them back again sometime?


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