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My Favorite Knitting Patterns at First Glance of the Indie GAL 2021

Have you started deciding what you'll be knitting for this year's Indie GAL? The designers for the Indie Gift A-long 2021 have been announced, and the sale bundles were just revealed a few hours ago! There are over 240 participating designers (including myself!), so I took a quick look through all of the designer photos to get an idea of which patterns I'm in love with this year! Here are my favorite patterns and designers just based on my first look! (Once I've had a chance to go through the full bundle with all of the patterns, I'll share my "actual" favorites! And I chose to only share designers for which I could find at least 4 patterns that I really liked.)

What is the Indie GAL?

Not familiar with the Indie GAL? It's annual gift-along event held on Ravelry that highlights indie knit and crochet pattern designers. The first week (which starts tomorrow night!) includes a 25% off sale on select patterns, and the rest of the event is filled with chatter, making, connecting, prizes, games, and more. You can learn all about it here! Note: all of the links in this post direct to Ravelry.

My Favorite Knitting Patterns (and Designers) at First Glance

The first thing I do in the GAL is scroll through the list of participating designers and look at the graphics they chose to share. This time, I opened each of the graphics that caught my attention and looked through the designers' catalog of designs. Any of those knitting pattern designers with at least 4 designs that caught my attention, made it to this special list including just 12 of the 242 designers!

Note: The photos are linked to the pattern pages on Ravelry. All photos shown in this blog are eligible for prizes in the 2021 Indie GAL!

Sarah Jordan (also known as paknitwit) is definitely speaking to my short sock-loving self, and look at these mittens! 😍

Faye Kennington (also known as Ukee Knits) has designed some stunning patterns, but this year I find I'm especially drawn to her more simple designs.

Lisa Chemery (also known as Frogginette) designs the CUTEST little kids' knits, and I couldn't help but notice a few of her patterns that I could be gift knitting for Littles in my life right now!

I'm still loving Stephanie Lotven's (also known as Tellybean Knits) Counterbalance Mittens, but she also has some fun, vibrant designs!

I'm enjoying Pelykh Natalie's (also known as Knit for Sweet) simple but beautiful style, frequently featuring lace or cables.

I've been in love with Bekah Knits' Rae shirt and Modern Mocs since before the Indie GAL last year (I'm definitely going to make the Modern Mocs; I just need to get the yarn!), and now I'm thinking I also need her 3-in-1 Button Boots...

I am not sure why I am just now realizing how much I love Alicia Plummer's designs (because I'm familiar with some of them, and definitely looked at her work before), but I am in love! There are so many I need in my wardrobe immediately... and I struggled to narrow it down to just four to share here.

I've enjoyed Megan Nodecker's (also known as Pip & Pin) for several years, so it's no surprise I was attracted to her photo! I actually have my yarn and pattern to knit her Maema cardigan, and I think I'll be casting on tomorrow!

Of course, Woolly Wormhead's hats are always stunning!

Marcela Chang Knits has such a lovely variety of designs... and I've been loving these socks since she released them over a year ago!

Susanne Somer, also known as Sosu, has some stunning shawl (and jewelry) designs!

And last but not least, is Jane Richmond, whose work I've enjoyed since my very early knitting days!

Are you also falling in love with any of these designers or designs?! Will you be joining the Indie GAL (if yes, I want to know all about what you'll be making!)? Don't forget that the sale for the Indie GAL runs from 8 pm Eastern Time November 23 to 11:59 pm Eastern Time November 29. You can find all the details in the Indie GAL group on Ravelry.

P.S. All of my designs are also applicable for the gift along, and 20 of my patterns are included in the GAL sale. As long as the sale is running, you can find my sale bundle on my Ravelry designer page!


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