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My Favorite Simple Knit Hat: Design Inspiration & Yarn/Color Recommendations

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

My Favorite Simple Knit Hat is exactly what it sounds like -- an extremely simple knit hat! The design inspiration behind this design was very simple: to create an easy, basic pattern for knitting a cozy, chunky hat. This pattern creates a formula for knitting a super bulky weight hat in baby to men's sizes. It is very easy to customize -- in circumference, height, or even adding some stitch patterns of your own! My Favorite Simple Knit Hat is available as a download on Ravelry, Payhip, and LoveCrafts, or it is available for free on my blog (which includes the option of a free download PDF version sent to your email).

The yarn that I recommend for this pattern is a cozy wool/acrylic blend. It is Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick and Quick, which is a warm 80% wool/20% acrylic blend that I purchase from my local Michael's store (I always shop with a sale and/or coupon!). This yarn comes in a variety of colors, so I'll share a few of my favorites here, and then I'll share some other yarn recommendations!

Yarn Color Suggestions

Note: I am not affiliated with any of the yarns that I suggest; I am only providing a reference of suggestions for the knitters who wish to knit my pattern. All photos that are not my own are from the websites I have linked in this post.

Other Yarn Suggestions

Whether you're interested in other yarns for the sake of availability, fiber content, price point, or any other reason, I've provided a few other great yarns that would work perfectly with the My Favorite Simple Knit Hat pattern! For the sake of comparison, the Wool Ease Thick and Quick yarn that I have linked is 80% Acrylic/20% Wool and cost $7.99 for one ball of 87 yards/140 grams.

Note: Prices are listed in USD and do not include any shipping.

50%Acrylic/50% Wool, $6.26, 90 yards/127 grams, available in 10 colors

100% Acrylic, $5.39, 81 yards/142 grams, available in 21 colors

80% Acrylic/20% Wool, $5.50, 66 yards/100 grams, available in 2 (pink) colorways

76% Acrylic/20% Alpaca/4% Rayon, $7.99, 111 yards/170 grams, available in 16 colors

85% Acrylic/15% Nylon, $5.99, 80 yards/120 grams, available in 24 colors

Have you chosen your yarn and color(s)?! I'd love to hear all about it on Instagram, Ravelry, and/or the comments below! Let me know if you found this resource helpful, and tag me in your makes online!

Interested in seeing more My Favorite Simple Knit Hat finished projects? Be sure to check out the projects made by other knitters here on Ravelry!

Interested in purchasing/downloading the pattern? The pattern is available for purchase on Ravelry, Payhip, and LoveCrafts, or you can find the free copy here on my blog and the free PDF download sent to your email here. Happy Knitting!!


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