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My Favorite Sock Knitting Patterns in the Indie GAL

I've been wanting to add more hand knit socks to my wardrobe, but I'm also super in love with DK weight yarn, so I decided to scan the Indie Gift Along for some options! There were 66 results for DK weight socks from participating designers; here are my 9 favorites... and of course, I couldn't help but take a peek at the fingering weight and sport weight socks (especially ankle height), so I've shared some of my favorites from there as well!

My Favorite DK Weight Sock Designs

Note: All pattern links lead to Ravelry

From left to right: 27 Knots by Moira Engel, Waiting for Twilight by Lisa K. Ross, and ParkTrail by Alicia Plummer

Scoundrel by Hunter Hammersen, Marooned by Hunter Hammersen, and DK Sally Forth by Moira Engel

Rotvalli Socks by Karoliina H. Design, Acceleration Socks by Carolyn Lisle, and Thunderloft by Elizabeth Felgate

Favorite Fingering Weight Ankle Sock Designs

Vertical Lace Sock by Kelene Kinnersly, Good Dividends by Kristen Jancuk, and a shoutout to my Autumnal Socks pattern (by Snickerdoodle Knits)!

Half & Half by Susanne Sommer, Picoletti by Sarah Jordan, and Trail Socks by Anneh Fletcher

Favorite Sport Weight Sock Designs

Palestra Sarah Jordan, Trap a Zoid by Sarah Jordan, and Brontide by Alicia Plummer

What yarn weight do you prefer to knit your socks in? What are your favorite patterns? Do you prefer ankle height, calf height, or knee height?


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