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Special Membership Announcement, PLUS Get a Free Pattern of Your Choice!

I am SO excited to share with you a very special announcement!! I am now on Patreon!! Before I get into all the "knitty" gritty (and the free pattern!), let me start from the beginning!

Are you familiar with Patreon? If not, Patreon is a platform that was created to allow raving fans support their favorite artists and creatives. It includes levels of membership that provide patrons with varying gifts from the artist. Can you tell where this is going?

Why Is Snickerdoodle Knits Joining Patreon?

To keep it brief, I've joined Patreon to have a more personal relationship with and provide above-and-beyond content for those of you that are so supportive of my creative work, while allowing my creative business to serve the knitting community and to grow into something that is financially sustainable.

If you're interested in learning more about what your financial support will do, be sure to read the bottom portion of the "About" section on my Patreon page!

What Are the Levels of Membership?

The Snickerdoodle Knits Patreon Page offers four different tiers (varying from the cost of a cup of coffee to the cost of a hand-dyed skein of yarn.) for patrons to join my Patreon community. I had fun creating these tiers (and their descriptions), and I hope you are excited too!

Tier 1: Garter Level

You are all about quick and simple. You love the knitting designs that I create, and you are more than happy to support my knitting journey, but you are only looking for the basics: just an update from the Snickerdoodle Knits world once a month and any time there is an important announcement.

Tier 2: Dropped Stitches Level

You are looking for something more than just the basics, but you don’t have the time for anything too involved. You are loving the content that I share on social media and newsletters, but you’re interested in seeing more. You are super excited about a monthly pattern discount, and you can’t wait to hop on an exclusive video chat!

Tier 3: Slipped Cross Stitches Level

You are interested in some detail, but you don’t want all the knitty-gritty (pun intended). You adore the creative work that I am putting into the world, and you are all about ALL the crafts and hobbies. You are inspired by the creations of other makers, and you love to see how the whole project comes together – from start to finish. You absolutely cannot wait to dig into all of the photos that I’ve shared!

Tier 4: Brioche Level

You’re all in! You are full committed, and you want the whole experience. You are head-over-heels with all of my designs and are ready to cast on my newest design before I’ve even shown you the final result. Not only that, but it’s been your dream to know everything that goes into each of my designs – and you’d love to say you had a hand in the process!

What Will Be Available on Patreon?

Each tier is associated with different gifts that I will give you as a thank you for supporting my creative work, and I can't keep a secret long enough for you to hop over to the Patreon page... so here are a few of my favorites that I know you will love too!

Are you following me on Instagram and signed up for my emails, but somehow you're still missing my announcements?  I'll share all pattern and test knitting releases with my Patreon members, so you will never miss a launch again!  In addition to launch announcements, I will also share a monthly overview of what I've been knitting, designing, and creating for the knitting community.  You will also have first priority in test knits, and I'll share exclusive discounts on my patterns with my patrons! (You will receive access to these discounts and announcements in all tiers.)

As a maker, you are easily enamored to try all the things, but life gets busy and you easily forget about these ambitions.  You fall into the trap of the endless cycle of what you feel like you have to do -- working, cleaning, cooking, caring for your family, and everything else that comes up in between -- and you fall away from your passions and your creative self-care.  Like you, there are so many things that I love to create beyond my knitting -- in my garden, in my kitchen, at my sewing machine, or with my paintbrush.  I love it all, and I can't wait to share my making adventures with you, to inspire you to pursue the creative outlets that you love: your hobbies, your making, and your passions.  (Patrons within the slipped cross stitches and brioche tiers will receive this content.)

Do you love to see the knitting design process?  Are you interested in knowing what is going through my head as I choose what I'm going to design, its shape and construction, what yarn I'll use, and what stitches I'll use?  There's a lot that goes into each and every knitting design -- and I am so happy to share these insights with you!  (The behind-the-scenes insights are available to patrons within the slipped cross stitch and brioche tiers.)

Do you love absolutely EVERYTHING that I design, and are you ready to knit every single pattern as soon as I've finished my sample?  You're in luck!  I am offering you the opportunity to receive my patterns as soon as they are ready to publish!  For free!  My design releases are always scheduled in advance, and if my patterns are part of a collection, it is common that I don't release the pattern for multiple months after tech editing and test knitting are completed.  (As a member of the brioche tier, you will receive my patterns for free as soon as they have completed test knitting and tech editing.) 

If you're interested in all of the details on the tiers and what I am providing for my patrons, be sure to visit my Patreon page and read the information for each tier plus the "About" section!

What About that Free Pattern?

To celebrate the launch of my Patreon account, I am so excited to offer every patron that signs up before September 1st a free pattern of your choice from any of my published patterns!! (Need a reminder of what patterns I've designed? You can view all of my patterns here on Ravelry, or here on LoveCrafts!)

Join the commmunity now for making inspiration, behind-the-scenes designing, pattern discounts.


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