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Summer in the Sun Dishcloth Knitting Pattern Yarn Recommendations

The free Summer in the Sun Dishcloth knitting pattern by Snickerdoodle Knits (that's me!) is now available for your knitting pleasure! This simple dishcloth uses simple lace techniques to create a quick, fun summer knitting project that provides bright, cheery vibes for your kitchen year-round. Learn more and get the links to purchase the pattern here, or have the free PDF sent to your email.

The yarn that I used for the pattern samples is Lily Sugar 'n Cream in Yellow. This is a 100% cotton worsted weight yarn. Any solid color yarn would look great with this pattern. I highly recommend picking your favorite color to maximize the cheerful aspect of the dishcloth 😄 You can check out projects other knitters have created on Ravelry here.

You could also use a multi-color yarn, but you won't see the sun motif as well. It would have a look similar to my blue and white Lacy Snowflake Dishcloth.

Color Suggestions

Here are a few colors that I think would look great, but I honestly think just about anything would work well! Is there one that speaks to you? Click any of the photos below to view the yarn on Michael's website.

Yarn Recommendations

In this section I've included only 100% cotton yarn. I've organized these yarn recommendations from cheapest to most expensive, per gram.

Note: I am not affiliated with any of the yarns that I suggest; I am only providing a reference of suggestions for the knitters who wish to knit my pattern. All photos are from the websites I have linked in this post. All prices are listed in USD and do not include shipping.

Peaches & Creme:

Weight: 71 grams/120 yard

Price: $1.77

(Click photos for links for each color on Walmart's website)

Weight: 70.9 grams/120 yards

Price: $1.99

Weight: 100 grams/180 yards

Price: $3.79

Aqua Sparkle, Antique Cream, Rosy, Strawberry Violet, Pistache, Banana

Weight: 50 grams/82 yards

Price: $2.70

Weight: 200 grams/371 yards

Price: $19.00

Deep Dive, Spring, Hyacinth

Weight: 100 grams/150 yards

Price: $15.50

Honeydew, Dandelion, Indigo, Thistle, Lotus, Jasper

Weight: 100 grams/153 yards

Price: $17.30

Sea Holly, Lady Slipper, Cottonwood

Have you chosen your yarn and color(s)?! I'd love to hear all about it on Instagram, Ravelry, and/or the comments below! Let me know if you found this resource helpful, and tag me in your makes online!

To perform your own search for affordable yarns, here are a couple places to start your search:

Interested in purchasing/downloading the pattern? Learn more and get the links to purchase the pattern here, or have the free PDF sent to your email.

Happy Knitting!!

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