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Super Simple Ribbed Headband: Design Inspirations

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

Almost exactly one year ago, I started to sketch out some concept ideas for some knitting designs. One of those ideas was a super simple ribbed headband pattern. I'd been knitting My Favorite Cable Headband pattern for a few months, and I'd realized how little elasticity the design had. I love that design, but it wasn't great for knitting for someone that I didn't know if they had a big head or small head.

So, my concept was to create a stretchy headband that was sure to fit a range of head sizes -- hence my choice to use ribbing. And, to make the ribbing stretch lengthwise rather than widthwise, the easiest construction method was to knit the headband in the round (like a hat) rather than knitting it flat and seaming it at the end.

Nearly a year later, and this concept was just one of 77 concepts in my design notebook, nowhere near fruition. Of course, it wouldn't be a difficult project to bring to life (I even had the Charisma tweed yarn that I wanted to use!), but it was on one of the back burners closest to the back. It was so simple -- would anyone really care about it? Would it just be a silly, dumb idea of mine?

Until Tiffany from Tippy Tree Yarns reached out to me and asked if I'd want to be a featured designer on her newsletter for the month of March -- all I had to do was create a free pattern that she could share! Perfect, I already knew which pattern I'd design!

After a few attempts, I completed my design and sample (shown in the first two photos above), but I then wondered about modifying it to create a thicker, warmer fabric. I then designed the double thick version, which is only different in that you cast on with a provisional cast on and then kitchener the beginning and the end together when you are complete! So easy peasy! I am so happy with my new set of headbands, and very thankful for the invite from Tiffany to be included in her newsletter!

To get your free Super Simple Ribbed Headband pattern, just sign up for the Tippy Tree Yarns Newsletter!! For yarn recommendations, you can visit my other Super Simple Ribbed Headband blog post here!

Update: This pattern is no longer available via Tippy Tree Yarns, but you can purchase it on Ravelry, LoveCrafts, or Payhip; or get the PDF download sent to your email for free.


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