With Love, From the North (Mittens): Pattern Inspiration & Yarn Suggestions

With Love From the North is a super bulky mitten knitting pattern featuring a contrasting colored heart on the palm of each hand. In my opinion, this pattern design is super adorable and oh-so-practical for cold climate weather! The inspiration behind this pattern was pretty simple: I thought it would be super adorable to have a big heart (I love hearts) on the palm of each hand on a mitten pattern. And, I have to say, this pattern proves that I wasn't wrong!

The yarn that I used for this pattern design is Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick and Quick (I tend to buy it from Michael's and very rarely do I pay more than 60% of their price, because they have sales and coupons so often). Any of their colors would look adorable with the With Love From the North Mittens pattern, but I do recommend using a high contrast in your colors (this will ensure that your hearts stand out well). As an example, here are some color pairings that I would put together with this yarn! (Interested in using a different yarn? Keep scrolling down, and you'll find an "Alternative Yarns" section!)

Color Suggestions

While I highly encourage you to make this pattern your own using colors that you love, here are a few color pairing suggestions to get you started! Note: I am not affiliated with or sponsored by any of the links -- I'm just providing my opinion!

Oatmeal + Charcoal - These are the colors that I used!

Lollipop + Abalone

Raspberry + Blossom