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Design Circle Meets Fasten Off Yarn Along

The Design Circle, a community I created for knit and crochet pattern designers eager to connect, learn, and grow their businesses; is also founded on the idea of collaborating and working together as designers. So, I'm excited to share six other designers from the Design Circle that are participating in the Fasten Off Yarn Along!

If you aren't familiar with the Fasten Off Yarn Along, it's an off-Ravelry event that features 101 pattern designers. As you work from the designers' patterns and participate in chatter and games, you win prizes 🥰 All of the patterns are available off Ravelry, so it is accessible for knitters and crocheters that aren't able to use Ravelry. You can learn all about the event here, and check out all of the featured designs here!

Anyway, back to the Design Circle designers participating in the Fasten Off Along this year! Here are a few of my favorite patterns from each designer.

Snooptigger Crafts

Catherine, who is also a tech editor, has designed several fun knitting accessory patterns.

Kisses From Me to You, By the Sea, Labyrinth Cowl, and Calm Oceans

The Knit Savvy

Iza primarily designs sock knitting patterns, but she also has a couple of hair accessory patterns, and a tank top!

Tidal Waves Top, Bubbles of Joy, Festive Garland, and Leaf Scrunchie

Top of the World Knits

Joy's just started releasing her designs this year, and I can't wait to see what else she creates in the future!

Heart on My Sleeve Pullover, I Dream of Beanie Hat

Ruth Brasch

Ruth designs both knit and crochet patterns, and she has such a lovely variety of cute, cozy, and beautiful patterns. I had a terrible time getting my favorites down to even 8 patterns, so here are 4 knit patterns and for crochet patterns designed by Ruth Brasch!

Medusa Earwarmer, Rustic Cabin Mittens, Heartsease Cowl, and Dayspring Shawl

Arkenstone, Black Walnut Infinity Scarf (Ravelry link), Ode to Summer Hat (Ravelry link), and Silvertongue

The Knitting Tutor

Stacey, the knitting pattern designer behind The Knitting Tutor, has several lovely accessory designs and baubles perfect for hand knit Christmas ornaments!

Air Hugs, Floral Bounty, 12 MORE Days of Baubles Part 2, and Dots and Dashes Loop

Karen B Designs

Karen has designed over a dozen sock knitting patterns, plus cowls, sweaters, and scarves.

Pilkington Cardigan, Forest Sprite, Cat's Paw Shrug, and Intertwined Sweater

Snickerdoodle Knits (that's me!)

I design knitting patterns that are fun to knit, easy to wear, and tell the stories of living. I started off by designing simple chunky knits, moved into shawls, and have since branched out into several different accessories.

Since, of course, I'm a bit biased, and my favorites change by the day, here are my 4 favorite simple knits, 4 favorite shawls, and 4 favorite "other" knits that I've designed.

My Favorite Cable Headband, Hidden Love Mittens, My Favorite Simple Knit Hat, and Nestled Diamonds Blanket

Gracefully Shawl, Patience Shawl, Where the Buffalo Roam Shawl, and Trust Shawl

Endless Woods Cowl, Autumnal Socks, Hustle and Bustle Hat, and Weekends at the Cabin Hat

Did you discover a new-to-you designer or pattern you want to cast on?! What will you be casting on for the Fasten Off Yarn Along?

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