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On the Road Again Knitting Pattern Collection Design Inspiration

Simple, fun, and addicting to knit, the On the Road Again Hat and Cowl knitting patterns will quickly become your new favorite almost-mindless go-to knits for your family, yourself, and gift knits. The On the Road Again Collection motif uses two (contrasting) colors to create what looks like an endless road wrapping around the circumference of your project.

The initial design concept for the On the Road Again Collection knitting patterns came to mind just a couple of months after I released my first pattern design. We were driving over 24 hours across the country to move to North Carolina, and I thought the design of the road would make for a fun knitting pattern. It sounds a little silly now, but I actually really love it!

However, that's not the full story behind the On the Road Again knitting patterns. This move to a new state where we didn't know anyone became pivotal for me. I'd been struggling for years with feeling like I didn't belong anywhere. Long story short, I finally felt like I belonged somewhere after our big move.

The Home Series of knitting patterns (including My Forever Home, A New Home, and Next Door Neighbors) was created out of gratitude for my new home, a place where I felt like I belonged. But, the Home Series didn't tell the whole story. It didn't mention the phase of like where I didn't feel like I belonged. So that's the story On the Road Again tells: the story of those who don't feel settled and as if they have a place to belong. Those who don't feel as if they have a home. And those that spend a lot of time "on the road" so they aren't home as often as they'd like.

In these situations, even if you have a roof over your head and a warm place to stay, it still doesn’t feel like home. You don’t feel like you can relax, get comfortable, and enjoy life.

Maybe it’s because of the way your living space looks. Maybe it’s because you spend a lot of your time traveling. Maybe it’s because you move frequently. Maybe it’s because you don’t feel comfortable in your social circles.

Whatever the reason, it feels unsettling, uncomfortable, discouraging. You feel alone, and you wish you had some stability in a sense of belonging. If you understand those feelings - whether you experience those now or have experienced them in the past - I’ve created this design for you. To say that you are seen and understood. That it’s hard to feel like you belong. But it’s ok. And there’s nothing wrong with you. 💙

Learn more about the On the Road Again knitting pattern collection, and get the links to purchase the patterns here.


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